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When I see the fairly brand-new Kia logo design, which is simply the brand name’s name yet in an incredibly angular, scrunched-up font style with a relatively attached “I” and also center line-less “A,” the initial point that enters your mind is “wow, that makes sense on a state-of-the-art EV but feels laughably out-of-place on this minivan.” But evidently, there are many, many people whose response is a lot more along the lines of “wait… what does that say?”

Each month, there are around 30,000 internet look for “KN car,” according to information uploaded by advertising agency proprietor Ashwinn Krishnaswamy onTwitter The spike in searches– which appears ahead from people attempting to determine if they would certainly missed out on the launch of a totally brand-new automobile business– began early in 2014, right around the moment that cars with the brand-new logo design would certainly’ve been striking the roads, according toThe Drive That information additionally reveals that prominent searches, with countless hits each month, consist of “kn car brand,” “kn car logo,” and also “kn carnival car” (“Carnival” is Kia’s name for the minivan I referenced earlier). I additionally have some unscientific experience to back the information up: when I brought this tale up in Slack, 4 Verge staffers kept in mind that they had actually additionally questioned who “KN” was.

It’s tough responsible people for being perplexed by the brand-new logo design; Kia’s not a small brand name, to ensure, yet it’s additionally possibly not a firm most people would certainly think about when attempting to puzzle out what automobile they’re taking a look at. And the hyper-modern, joined-up text of its brand-new logo design possibly does not aid issues, specifically when it embellishes– no violation– a car, SUV, or crossover with an extremely bog-standard style. A Sorento or Telluride passing you on the freeway looks completely average up until you capture a glance at the Kia logo design and also go, “Wait, what does that say?”

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The Kia complication isn’t a brand-new sensation– Creative Bloq discussed people being perplexed by the brand-new logo design virtually a year and also a fifty percent earlier (It’s additionally worth keeping in mind that some automobile logo designs have constantly been perplexing– Ford’s screams the business’s name at you, yet just how do you Google the Mercedes, Mazda, or Subaru logo design?) However, while the tweets perplexing it with the Nine Inch Nails logo design are definitely amusing, the data take the funny to a brand-new degree by providing us information on simply exactly how many people are obtaining this blended.

Kia really did not promptly respond to The Verge‘s ask for talk about the complication.

The great information for those perplexed is that Google is able to direct them in the appropriate instructions; the leading outcome for “KN car” is Kia’s site– or a minimum of it was prior to it obtained hidden by Google’s “helpful” information, “People also ask,” and also photo results boxes (though those may vanish at any moment, search engine result are really fluid nowadays).

< img alt="Screenshot of the top Google search engine result for KN automobile, revealing 3 newspaper article and also a response for “what does KN on a car mean, which reads “KN is an abbreviation for the german phraose kiene nummer which literally means no number." src="" decoding="async" data-nimg="fill" style="position:absolute;top:0;left:0;bottom:0;right:0;box-sizing:border-box;padding:0;border:none;margin:auto;display:block;width:0;height:0;min-width:100%;max-width:100%;min-height:100%;max-height:100%;object-fit:cover">
The state of search in 2022: the actual result people are looking for buried by news articles and an answer that’s probably incorrect in this context.

When The Drive tried searching “KN car” on various other internet search engine, DuckDuckGo and also Bing really did not do excellent. When I attempted it, both internet search engine still do not surface area Kia’s site that well; the previous only has one web link to the car manufacturer’s website on its initial web page of outcomes (oddly sufficient, it’s especially aiming people towards the web page for the Niro), and also the last does not have any kind of (lol, Bing). However, they do surface area all the posts that have actually been discussed the complication, which must obtain people on the appropriate track.

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In my point of view, the actual target in all of this is K&N automobile components, a brand name some people might recognize with if they have actually invested whenever airborne/ oil filter area of a car components shop. For currently, its website places halfway decent high in the “KN car” search engine result, yet one little overcorrection from Google might hide it. It’s your time to beam, Wix Filters (a brand name that undoubtedly hasn’t needed to handle any kind of search engine optimization troubles of its very own).

PS: To include a little bit of context, yes, 30,000 look for “KN car” is a great deal, yet according to Google Trends, it’s hardly noteworthy contrasted to the variety of people looking for “Kia.”

Screenshot of a chart comparing the search results for “kia” versus those for “kn car.” The actual brand name beats the misreading by over 67 to 1.
The Kia brand name is still solid. Relatively talking, anyways.
Chart: Google Trends

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