Taylor Schabusiness, the Wisconsin mother found guilty of k*illing, beheading, and then se*xually abusing her boyfriend Shad Thyrion while under the influence of methamphetamine, ought to be given the chance of parole and “deserves to be happy,” according to her lawyer, who spoke to Fox News Digital.

Thyrion, 24, was ki*lled in February 2022, and Schabusiness, 25, was sentenced on Tuesday to life in prison without the possibility of parole. In addition, she received sentences of three years for third-degree se*xual assault and an additional 712 years for dismembering a corpse.

“After decades of work — therapy, counselling,” said Christopher T. Froelich of the Green Bay-based Froelich Law Group, “I really feel that this young lady should be given a chance at the possibility, not the probability, of getting out on extended supervision or parole some day.” On behalf of Schabusiness, he plans to appeal the court’s ruling.

Quinn Jolly, Schabusiness’s former attorney, resigned after the woman attacked him in court, and Froelich took over the case in February.

Some people hypothesised that Schabusiness wore the spit hood on Tuesday not to shield the court visitors but to hide his expressions. Froelich, however, clarified that earlier that day, there had been “some issues at the jail”.

According to psychologists called by the defence, including Dr. Diane Lytton, the convicted mur*derer’s actions in court, including smiling, smirking, and appearing to nod off, are signs of her mental incapacity to stand trial.

On the witness stand, Lytton stated, “She has been described as smirky — weird grinning — when she is talking about the crimes. “That’s a psychotic person right there, in my opinion, given my experience and training.”

When it was mentioned that jurors might be shown images of her ex-lover’s severed head discovered by Green Bay police in a bucket, Schabusiness started laughing. She also chuckled as the jury rejected her claim of insanity and found her guilty on July 27.

Froelich claimed on Tuesday that he has made “several” attempts to have the case dismissed.

Should a judge preside over a case if they saw a fight break out in the courtroom? Frolich enquired. I was told that she attempted to flash [the judge] in court. Would that be another justification for hiring someone else, a different judge? I am clueless.

At least one of Schabusiness’s allegations was also contested by the attorney.

“How was a se*xual assault possible? He is deceased, the lawyer declared on Tuesday. “Once he is dead, it is mutilation of a corpse, not se*xual assault. Did the jury simply agree because they knew that if they found her guilty of one, she was likely also guilty of the other two? I’m not sure.

Schabusiness’s crimes “offended human decency,” according to the Brown County Court judge, but the victim’s father told her he would “forgive [her] for what [she] did to [his] son” and that he knew “[s]he has] a heart, got a mind.”

Michael Thyrion said on Tuesday, “I believe everyone makes bad choices, maybe not to this scale. “Hating you is pointless.”

Although they “knew the stakes and what they were up against,” Schabusiness’s relatives travelled ten hours on multiple occasions to testify in her favour and were “dejected” following the sentencing, according to Froelich.

Tuesday, Schabusiness Coronado’s father, Arthur Coronado, took the witness stand while wearing an orange jumpsuit and matching shackles. In 2018, he was given a 12-year sentence for se*xually abusing a child.

“It just shows that Taylor had family members … that really cared about her, had relationships with her,” Froelich said. “She’s not a throwaway, she’s not a waste. … We should give her a chance. That’s what I’m trying to do.”

Froelich described images of Schabusiness that were provided as evidence and showed her before her meth addiction took hold. Froelich claimed that these photos “show who she really is – not this monster person,” in contrast to the dozens of gory autopsy and crime scene images that left him permanently disturbed.

He told Fox News Digital, “You can see… what kind of person she was as a little kid, a teenybopper, a young lady holding her brother as a kid.

“She enquired, ‘Can you flip this one, can you flip that one?'” He described how he arranged pictures for a restrained Schabusiness at her presentencing hearing: “It was a happy day for her. I told her that she deserved to be happy and that I was glad to see her smiling.

A pre-mu*rder photo of Schabusiness grinning next to a picture of notorious serial ki*ller Jeffrey Dahmer was also offered as evidence. Dahmer committed the majority of his 17 se*x-motivated homicides and dismemberments two hours away in Milwaukee.

Froelich claimed to have gone to law school with one of the solicitors who defended Dahmer.

“[Now], I have the lady Dahmer,” Froelich declared.

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