69-year-old Debra Lynn Johnson’s husband brought her home against medical advice after she told him she didn’t want to pass away in a nursing home.

Jan. 24 marked her dea*th. According to an arrest report, Duane Arden Johnson, 58, is currently being held in the Brown County Jail on charges of criminal neglect and receiving stolen property.

The Mankato Free Press claims that just before she passed away, the two had a meth-fueled “dea*th party.” They “rocked out” to Quiet Riot’s “Mental Health,” their favourite song, during her last days.

Johnson announced his wife’s passing on January 24 at noon. He subsequently reported to responding deputies that he believed she had passed away around 8:30 that morning, but he wanted to make sure she was gone first.

The words “De*ath Parde God Hell” were spray painted in red across the front door, as noticed by the first constable to arrive.

Johnson allegedly ran back inside after screaming that his wife was dead while walking outside in her undies. He was discovered by investigators in a bathtub, attempting to remove small black and white “things” from his skin.

Debra Johnson’s body was found at the top of the staircase, still warm and in the early stages of rigour mortis, with a sheet covering her.

He claimed that the Bible instructed him to wash her body and wrap it in linen.

Johnson claimed that his wife was unable to eat or drink, so he applied snow to her mouth to ease the dryness. He had to stop her from hurting herself because she was having convulsions and wouldn’t let him call for assistance.

Less than two hours before her de*ath, he told investigators, she was intimate with him, her convulsions had stopped, and she was at peace.

Before being brought to a transitional care facility, Debra Johnson managed to survive two heart attacks. In addition to having high blood pressure and diabetes, she struggled with mental illness.

Prior to her “dea*th party,” she had been taking an anti-psychotic medication, but she stopped.

Duane Johnson admitted to having 47 guns in his home, many of which were pilfered, to the deputies. Hundreds of rounds of ammunition were discovered by investigators.

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