A Washington man serving time in prison on a mur*der conviction received an additional 298 months, or almost 25-years, after he fatally stabbed his cellmate, a man whom he learned had rap*ed his sister in the years prior.

Details of the Incident

Shane Goldsby listened every day as 70-year-old Robert Munger boasted and described his crimes after prison officials put the two of them in the same cell. The man was incarcerated for life for rap*e, child molestation, and having child pornography in his possession.

Goldsby realized that Munger was the perpetrator of his sister’s rap*e as the man gave him gory details of the crime. Goldsby was furious, but he managed to keep his cool and ask for a different cellmate. According to Goldsby, prison officials disregarded the request.

In June 2020, inmates at the Airway Heights Correctional Facility in Washington gathered in a pod in the common area. Munger started outlining the specifics of his crimes once more. Goldsby lost his cool and stabbed Munger.

Prison security cameras caught the assault, which showed Goldsby stabbing Munger 14 times before kicking and stomping on his head. Munger was taken to the hospital for treatment, but three days later he passed away from his wounds.

Prison Officials Deny Knowledge of Association Between Inmates

Prison officials claimed they were unaware of any relationship between Goldsby and Munger. In 2020, Goldsby claimed to KHQ, he asked for a different cellmate, but the request was denied by the prison administration. According to the Washington State Department of Corrections, there was no way to stop the mu*rder and they had no way of knowing the two had any connections because they had different last names. They denied any wrongdoing in the case.

Goldsby Apologizes During Sentencing

26-year-old Goldsby broke down during his sentencing hearing. He cried as he apologized to Munger’s family.

Lawyer Reads Statement in Court

Goldsby’s lawyer, Victoria Lynn Blumhorst, read a statement for her client in court.

Blumhorst read, “I’m ashamed of my actions; I was put in a situation that I don’t wish on anybody. “I’ve got a lot of fixing to do.”

I wasn’t mentally sound at that time. I was not.I reached that conclusion because (Munger) kept requesting information from me about what transpired, what he did, and the pictures and videos of him carrying out these actions. It was intensifying.

“I was pondering what was happening and asking, ‘Why is all this happening?'” But as I previously stated, I gave my life to God in 2019. I gave up gangbang. I was doing well,” the prisoner said.

“You put this guy and I in the same cell. I feel prepared. The victim is me.

The attorney continued by alleging that Goldsby was maltreated as a child by his mother, who occasionally chained him outside. Before reuniting with his mother, he lived in 10 different foster homes. After the reconnection, the two started using drugs together.

Didn’t Intend to Kill Man

Goldsby clarified that his goal was only physical harm, not death, and that he would prefer Munger to live out his days in prison. That punishment—a lifetime of suffering—is exactly what the man deserved.

2019 saw Goldsby make changes in his life and discover God. He claims that even though he wasn’t looking for payback, it was unfair to place him in the same cell as the person who sexually assaulted his sister. While sharing a cell with Goldsby, the man frequently discussed his sex crimes. One day he lost it.

Why Was Goldsby in Prison?

Before stealing a police cruiser and colliding with a state trooper cruiser, Goldsby stabbed a person. Accidentally, the trooper perished. The occurrence took place in 2017.

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