A man with “grave” head injuries was found in Los Angeles, and police and hospital staff still can’t figure out who he is after more than a week.

The unnamed victim was found with only Japanese money in his wallet, and police are still asking for help in identifying him.

A man from Asia, thought to be in his mid-20s, was found on October 9 in a residential area in the 3700 block of South Meyler Street.

He was discovered with only Japanese cash in his wallet and a black backpack that held travel-sized toiletries.

He had a trau*matic brain injury that knocked him out. He was put to sleep and had an intubation at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center last Wednesday. There, it was said that he was in grave condition.

The health department put out a picture of the victim, which has been seen by over 16 million people on X, according to KTLA.

The unknown man is about 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs about 158 pounds, according to the police.

He also didn’t have any tattoos, scars, or marks that could be used to identify him.

The exact way he got his serious injuries is not clear.

Since he was found, many people have gone on social media to ask others to share the man’s picture and description to help find his family and friends.

“Hey, friends! It looks like they found this unknown young man with a tra*umatic brain injury in San Pedro, California.” He carried Japanese money with him. A good number of my friends have Japanese friends or family. Could you help me find his next of kin?

He needed to be with his family, but he didn’t have an ID. The son of someone is really hurt right now. Someone on Facebook who shared his picture says, “He might be a tourist in Japan or just got back from visiting family.”

The young man’s strange story was also shared again by a Facebook group in California.

The case of the young man who was found with a serious head injury earlier this month has still not been solved, even though millions of people have seen the post on social media.

His story was also shared on a Facebook page for missing people with the message “Help find his family.”

“Does anyone know this young man?” asked another post. At the end of the story, there is a phone number to call.

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