A man in Montana was given 100 years in prison for kil*ling his 8-year-old daughter by accident while shooting at the girl’s mother and his own son.

Tony Louis Valez, 66, of Helena found out what would happen to him on Wednesday when Lewis and Clark District Court Judge Mike Menahan gave him his sentence.

KTVH says that Valez pleaded guilty to one count of intentional homicide in September.

KVTH says he was first charged with one count of intentional homicide, two counts of attempted intentional homicide, and one count of criminal endangerment.

Anger drove Valez to k*ill his 8-year-old daughter Arianna Valez on July 10, 2022. He was arrested for the crime, according to the Independent Record.

According to court records seen by the Independent Record, Valez lost his cool when he thought that two women had come to the house to kick him out.

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Court records show that he got a gun from his bedroom and started shooting, KRTV reports.

The Independent Record says he told police that he shot his partner Heather Hall until she fell down. Police say he then started shooting at his 18-year-old son.

The Independent Record reports that Helena Police Department Sgt. Adam Shanks said he missed and instead shot his daughter in the back as she tried to run away from the gunfire.

There was a bullet that hit Arianna while she was standing on the back deck at the top of the stairs. She fell off the deck. People rushed her to the hospital, but she was already dead when they got there.

“He thought it was okay to try to shoot (his partner and son),” Shanks said in court. Shanks said, “I don’t think he realised at first that he had shot Arianna.”

The lawyer for Valez asked for a 40-year sentence.

DA Kevin Downs asked for a 100-year sentence, which the judge said was “appropriate and warranted,” according to the Independent Record.

The judge said during the sentencing hearing, “I just can’t believe that being kicked out would justify picking up a gun in that small of a space with children present.”

“He engaged in dangerous behaviour that put everyone’s life at risk and intended to bring harm to the adults present.”

Valez showed up to the hearing through Zoom.

Arianna’s mother is still sad about the death of her daughter.

Heather Hall told KTVH, “The day Arianna died, so did a part of my heart.” “I’m lost and don’t know what to do.” It hurts all the time and never ends. “She died, and I lived” is all I can think about, night and day.

Valez said he was sorry for what he did. He will be able to get parole when he is 91 years old.

He said, “I’m sorry for everything.” “What I did can’t be taken back.” It will hurt and hurt for a long time, and I’m sorry about that.

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