A Washington man serving time in pr*ison on a mu*rder conviction received an additional 298 months, or almost 25-years, after he fatally s*tabbed his cellmate, a man whom he learned had rap*ed his sister in the years prior.

Details of the Incident

After p*rison officials placed Shane Goldsby in a cell with 70-year-old Robert Munger, he listened daily as the man described and bragged about his crimes. The man was serving a life sentence on child mol*estation, ra*pe, and possession of child po*rnography.

As the man dished out gruesome details of the crime, Goldsby put two and two together: Munger was the man who rap*ed his juvenile sister. Outraged, Goldsby somehow still maintained his composure and requested another cellmate. Pr*ison officials ignored the request, Goldsby said.

In June 2020, inmates gathered in the communal area in a pod at the Airway Heights Correctional Facility in Washington. Munger again began describing details of his crimes. Goldsby snapped, at*tacking Munger with a k*nife.

Prison surveillance captured the a*ttack, showing Goldsby stab Munger 14 times before he kicks him and stomps on his head. Munger was transported to the hospital for treatment where he di*ed from his injuries three days later.

Prison Officials Deny Knowledge of Association Between Inmates

Prison officials said they had no idea that Goldsby and Munger had any connection. Goldsby told KHQ that he requested another cellmate in 2020, but prison officials ignored the request. Washington State Depart of Corrections denied any wrongdoing in the case, stating there was no way to prevent the murder and that they had no way to know the two had any connections due to different last names.

Goldsby Apologizes During Sentencing

26-year-old Goldsby broke down during his s*entencing hearing. He cried as he apologized to Munger’s family.

Lawyer Reads Statement in Court

Goldsby’s lawyer, Victoria Lynn Blumhorst, read a statement for her client in court.

“I’m ashamed of my actions, I was put into a situation that I don’t wish on nobody,” Blumhorst read. “I got a lot of fixing to do.”

“I wasn’t stable at that point. I wasn’t. “I was getting to that point, because (Munger) kept wanting to give me details about what happened, what he did – about the photos and the videos of him doing this stuff. It was building up.

“I was questioning things on what was going on, ‘Why is all this going on?’ But as I said, I gave my life to God in 2019. I quit gan*gbanging. I was doing good,” the inmate continued.

“You put me in the same cell as this dude. I feel set up. I’m the victim.”

The lawyer went on to say that Goldsby was ab*used by his mother as a child who would sometimes chain him outside. He went from foster home to foster home, 10 in total, before reconnecting with his mom. The two began using dru*gs together after the reconnection.

Didn’t Intend to Kill Man

Goldsby added to the statement that he only intended to hurt Munger, not k*ill him and that he would rather the man spent the rest of his life in jail instead. That punishment is exactly what the man deserved; a lifetime of suffering.

In 2019, Goldsby changed his life and found God. he says that while he was not seeking revenge, putting him in the same cell with the man who ra*ped his sister was unfair. The man often described his s*ex cri*mes while in the cell with Goldsby. He snapped one day.

Why Was Goldsby in Prison?

Goldsby s*tabbed an individual before stealing a police cruiser which he collided with a state trooper cruiser. The trooper di*ed in the crash. The incident occurred in 2017.

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