Having a Willie Johnson raped a woman when he was 15 years old, which put him on the SOR as a registered se*x of*fender. He was always on the edge. By 2014, Aundre, who was 34 years old at the time, had been convicted of several felonies, including robbery, and used methamphetamine all the time.

Johnson broke into the home of his 82-year-old grandmother in Portland, Oregon, on July 1, 2014. His grandmother lived with his uncle. Around 10 p.m., Johnson went into his grandmother’s bedroom, where she was sleeping. It didn’t take Johnson long to rape his grandmother.

She kept telling her grandson, “This is grandma, this is grandma,” while he was being scared. Johnson didn’t listen to those words. In the end, she told police that Johnson was “foaming at the mouth” during the atta*ck. She also said that during the att*ack she thought she was going to die. Mrs. Johnson had issues with her heart. The at*tack left her bruised, swollen, and “bleeding behind her pacemaker,” according to reports from the scene.

Johnson Atta*cked Uncle

Jackson Johnson quickly went into his uncle’s bedroom to plan the next part of his att*ack after atta*cking his grandmother. The 49-year-old man saw his nephew walk into the room and told police that he looked like “a bull in a china shop.” It was fought off when Johnson tried to rape his uncle.

Uncle Johnson ran away from the house. In the meantime, Mrs. Johnson had called the police. As soon as they got to the house, they took the elderly woman to a nearby hospital to get better.

That night, police looked for Johnson but couldn’t find him. A nearby McDonald’s was where they caught him the next morning. On the spot, the police arrested him and charged him with four counts of first-degree s*exual ab*use, attempted first-degree rape, and first-degree unlawful s*exual penetration. The counts of se*xual ab*use include crimes against his grandmother, his uncle, and another female family member.

The other female family member came forward after Johnson was arrested. A few months before the att*ack on his grandmother and uncle, she told police that Johnson had raped her, but she was too scared to say anything at the time.

The uncle told the police at the scene that his nephew was addicted to meth. His toxicology reports showed that he had the drug in his body, which proved this.

Grandma Planned to Testify Against Grandson at Trial

Luvicer Johnson had planned to testify against her grandson at his trial, but she never got the chance. Johnson said he was guilty of the charges against him. Then he agreed to a plea deal that got him 15 years in prison. The two rivers correctional facility is where he is doing his time right now. In 2029, he will be free to go.

Mrs. Johnson sued her grandson to get money to pay for therapy and medicine she needed after the att*ack. She agreed to take $35,000, which is how much Johnson got from his father’s life insurance two months before.

Mrs. Johnson Relocated to a New Home

When Mrs. Johnson’s grandson hit her on the bedroom set, she sold it right away. Living in the house where the at*tack happened was also very hard on her mind and heart. She was finally able to move into a new place a year after the a*ttack.

After a year, she moved to a new place.

She sold her old furniture and bought a new bedroom set. Johnson told reporters a year after the atta*ck that she was glad to wake up every day, even though the atta*ck had left her with severe PTSD and anxiety.

Mrs. Johnson died on October 7, 2016, two years after the atta*ck.

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