A 2-year-old Michigan girl and the family’s two dogs got lost, but they were later found peacefully sleeping in the woods using one of the dogs as a pillow.

At around 8 o’clock in the evening, Menominee County’s Faithorn area home was contacted by state troopers from the Iron Mountain post in the Upper Peninsula. Wednesday following the Thea Chase-identified girl’s departure.

In the remote wooded area, police launched a search with the help of local residents from Wisconsin and Michigan. They also used K-9s and drones.

A person on an ATV found Thea about three miles away at about midnight.

A 2-year-old girl who walked away from her home in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula alongside two family dogs was found in the woods hours later sleeping on the smaller dog like a furry pillow

State police Lt. Mark Giannunzio said on Thursday that the woman “layed down and used one of the dogs as a pillow, and the other dog laid right next to her and kept her safe.” It’s a truly amazing story.

Thea’s mother, Brooke Chase, told WJMN-TV that before calling the police, the family desperately looked for the missing child.

“I found out she was gone, told her uncle, and asked, ‘Where is she?'” Chase said to the source. “We’re calling for the dogs because they were also missing while searching the entire yard and up and down the roads, screaming at the top of our lungs for her.

“It’s entirely covered in trees. There are thick, deep woods nearby. Over there is a swamp, so of course we’re freaking out. I called the police after spending about 15 minutes looking for her with our friends and family, the woman claimed.

“I was in such a fog and in such a shock that she was literally gone, in a split second,” Chase continued.

After her canine adventure, Thea was examined by medical personnel, and according to Giannunzio, she seemed to be in good health.

Approximately 60 miles southwest of Marquette, Michigan, and just east of the Wisconsin state line is the unincorporated village of Faithorn.

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