Deputies say that Adriana Davidson, who is 15 years old, was last seen alive on January 27, 2023, outside of Ann Arbour, Michigan and Pioneer High School.

Police said they found the body of a missing 15-year-old girl at her high school. Now, police need to figure out how Adriana “Addy” Davidson died.

The K-9 unit of the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office found Adriana Davidson near the athletic fields of Ann Arbour Pioneer High School,” the office said Monday afternoon. “Right now, there are no signs of wrongdoing.” The police will be in charge of the investigation since the crime scene is in the city limits of Ann Arbour.

In an interview with WYZ on Sunday, her brother Anthony Lopez talked about how a student at her school found her phone on the tennis courts on Friday afternoon and gave it to her best friend.

For Lopez, it was clear that Addy had not run away as soon as she heard that she might be missing. “For me, the phone was the red light.”

“What teenage girl sneaks off with her phone and doesn’t call anyone?” Jackson said.

Her father, John Davidson, said he thought there might have been foul play. Several news sources say that police now have Addy’s phone.

The last time Davidson talked to her family was on her way to school in Ann Arbour, Michigan, on Friday at 9 a.m., according to the sheriff’s office. She lived in Scio Township, which was right next door.

Deputies say that Adriana’s friends last saw her outside of Pioneer High School around 11 a.m.

Video from a public bus seems to show that deputies confirmed that the student got to school. Shortly after, she left, and her friends said she was sick. A video of her bus ride showed that she got back to school around noon. She didn’t go inside. That was the last sighting that could be confirmed.

One of Lopez’s best friends posted a screenshot of their text conversation on Friday.

“The texts between my sister and her friend were stamped with the time 12:26 p.m., when her friend asked, ‘Are you straight?’ Addy replied, ‘No,'” he said.

When the friend typed “Wym” (What do you mean?), Addy didn’t answer.

John Davidson says she didn’t come home until late in the afternoon. He called her and texted her. In the past, she always answered.

“Where are we going?” “Is it already Day 2?” He said in the Sunday report. She said, “This is not my daughter.”

He called her friends and went to her school, but he still couldn’t find her.

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