Someone who was hunting deer heard a crying two-year-old girl and went looking for her. They found her alive and well over a mile away in the woods.

Little girl Sara Alice Grice went missing from her home in Prosperity, South Carolina, while her dad dropped off her grandmother after a visit with the family. Mekayla and Gary Grice told the news that their daughter was sleeping in bed on October 22 when they left the back door open to say goodbye.

Mum Mekayla said: “Gary’s mother was visiting us. He walked her out to the car. Within four minutes of his mother pulling out, he came inside and said, ‘Where’s Sarah?’.”

The girl was reunited with her parents

After calling the police, Sara’s scared parents found out that there were deer hunters in the woods near their house. Mekaykla stated: “It was a scary thought because what if someone sees movement and doesn’t realise it’s a child?”

For some reason, though, the police called the family three hours later to say that a hunter had called in to say that a child was crying. Someone told me on the radio that a hunter had called 911 about a child and was told to “hold for description.” This was Sara’s mother.

“When they came back with the description, it matched what she was wearing.” We jumped up right away, and a police officer ran after her. We had to wait until they got to her.

In the end, police found Sara completely unharmed in a clearing in the woods, where a group of hunters was taking care of her. In a statement, the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office said, “A deer hunter heard her crying around 6 p.m.” When he called Newberry County 911, our mapping technology was used to start following them.

“This information was sent to the first responders and an SLED helicopter.” The hunters and the little girl were found in the woods, about a mile from her house.

“She was taken to a waiting Sheriff’s Office car, which then took her to an EMS ambulance in Newberry County.” The little girl was in good health, but she was tired, thirsty, and scared. The most amazing find ever.

“We thank all the first responders, people who came to help, clergy, and people who said prayers. Finding it was truly miraculous. The Sheriff’s Office, Newberry City Police, SLED, and emergency services from all over the county took part. Appreciate everyone.”

According to Sheriff Lee Foster, the girl “left the house by herself” and said there was “nothing evil” about the case. It was said, “She was lost and was found.”

It amazed Sara Alice’s mother to see how far her daughter had come. She told me: “To have gone a mile in a completely different direction is just astounding.”

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