Before her son was even buried and in the ground, Tiffany married the man suspected of the murder, her 21-year-old fiancee, Jagger Jost.

2-year-old Vernon Gaylord Sylver Jr. di*ed on May 16, 2015, from blunt force trauma to the abdomen caused when Jost punched him in the stomach. Vernon’s autopsy revealed numerous bruises on his body, including six round bruises on his lower abdomen.

Vernon also suffered swelling of the brain and numerous other injuries consistent with abuse.

Jost Cared for Vernon While Mom Worked

Jost took care of Vernon while Tiffany went to work. Vernon passed out after being tired and throwing up for two days. Tiffany rushed him to the emergency room, where doctors were able to save his life. Sadly, he di*ed two days later from his wounds.

She Stands by Her Man

Jost and Tiffany got married on May 22, 2015, six days after they met. She said they got married quickly because they were upset about the death of the toddler.

Tiffany said she didn’t think Jost hurt her son. He told her a story that made sense to her.

Jost told his wife that on May 13, Vernon fell off some bricks and hit the ground. He said that his injuries were caused by the fall. At the time of the event, he was home alone with the toddler. Tiffany agreed with the story and stood by her guy.

Tiffany said Jost always looked out for Vernon and loved him like a son. He knew Vernon would never do anything to hurt Vernon.

Tiffany told the Philadelphia Inquirer, “I would k*ill him myself,” when they asked her if she thought Jost was hurting her son.

Police Arrest Jost

Even though the police thought Jost killed Gaylord, they didn’t arrest him until eight months later, when the autopsy reports came back. An autopsy report confirmed what people already thought, and in Atlantic City, New Jersey, police arrested him. He was sent back to North Carolina and charged with murder in the second degree and child abuse.

Tiffany Jost told The Atlantic that she had no idea that police thought she had hurt her son or that they were still looking into how he di*ed. She said she wouldn’t stand up for the man if he really did hurt her son.

Jost Found Guilty

He was found guilty on all charges in 2016, sentenced to 33-years, 4-months in prison. An N.C. Department of Corrections information sheet reports that Jost has a projected release date on 02-01-2042.

Is Tiffany Still Married to Her Son’s Ki*ller?

I think that Jost and Tiffany are no longer together because I found his information on an inmate penpal website, but I could be wrong. I hope she at least changed her mind after he was found guilty.

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