A Missouri woman faces charges of se*xually abu*sing her 7-year-old son, as evidenced by a video and images discovered by the boy’s grandmother and statements he provided to investigators about their bathtime “secret.” The woman’s husband, the boy’s father, was aware of the abu*se but said he did not report it because she promised she would never do it again. Jessica McMannamy admitted to molesting her son because she was high on meth and wanted to experience the sensation.

On June 19, 2020, the grandmother of a 7-year-old boy made a horrifying discovery when she looked at his iPod. The woman discovered what appeared to be homemade porn videos and photos of her grandson and his mother. She immediately took the iPod to the Camden County Police Department and informed them of her discovery.

Police Launch Investigation

Police watched the horrifying videos and immediately launched an investigation. The investigation began with a 7-year-old boy being interviewed. He told cops that he and his mother had a “secret” during bathtime. She would perform se*xual acts on him before forcing him to perform se*xual acts on her.

Police searched the home of Matthew and Jessica McMannamy in Montreal, Missouri, after obtaining a search warrant. The search turned up methamphetamine pipes covered in a “white powdery residue,” all of which were lying out in the open, within a child’s reach. Several items related to the molestation were also recovered by police.

Jessica Admits to Molesting Son

Jessica McMannamy, the boy’s mother, had been arrested the day before the video was discovered. While she was in jail, police spoke with her. She admitted to molesting her son because she was “high on methamphetamine and curious what would happen.” She went on to tell officers that she was the one who took the videos and photos discovered on the boy’s iPod. Then she admitted that she felt like a bad mother because she took the photos while smoking meth all the time.

Jessica called her husband, Matthew, from jail, instructing him to dispose of evidence and delete the videos and photos from the iPod. Matthew tells Jessica on the recorded conversation that it has already been deleted.

Matthew Deletes Evidence

Matthew was asked to bring the iPod down to the station so that it could be examined. He agreed but did not appear at the police station. He was apprehended by authorities at the probation and parole board. In his car, they discovered cell phones, an iPod, and methamphetamine.

Police reviewed the video once more. The device was password protected this time. All images and videos related to the molestation had been deleted when police opened the phone.

Matthew has been arrested. Because he discovered the video, he admitted that he knew his wife molested their son. He stated that after discovering the video, he confronted Jessica but did not report the incident to police because she promised not to do it again.

Matthew Sentenced

Matthew pleaded guilty to all five felony charges against him. He was sentenced to five years in prison with the Department of Corrections on all changes. The sentences are to run consecutively.

Jessica is still incarcerated and awaiting trial, which is slated to begin in November 2021.

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