A convicted mur*derer’s mother has defended her son’s crimes, claiming that he “had no other choice” but to kill his ex-girlfriend after spending nearly two weeks on the run.

In a Tuesday interview, Danelo Cavalcante’s mother, Iracema, charged Deborah Brandao, his girlfriend, with mu*rder.

“Did it occur? It took place. Iracema described how her son stabbed Brandao to death in front of her young son and daughter. “But it happened because of the stranglehold she put on him, the stance she took with him,” she added.

“It wasn’t femicide,” Iracema affirmed to the New York Times. He was forced to; he had no other option.

Authorities in Pennsylvania think Danelo, 34, killed Brandao, 33, in April 2021 because she found proof that he had killed someone in his native Brazil four years earlier.

Iracema asserts that Valtar Jnior Moreira dos Reis threatened to kill her son first in that situation.

She expressed concern for her son’s safety after seeing him being led into a van by a SWAT team on Wednesday.

More than 400 law enforcement personnel had been assisting in the extensive hunt for the killer, whom they had dubbed “extremely dangerous.”

Authorities played a message Iracema recorded in which she pleaded with her son to turn himself in in an effort to coerce Danelo into surrendering.

But Iracema admitted to the Times that she is now concerned about what might happen to Danelo, claiming that either a life sentence in jail or a fatal police shooting would be unfair.

“I’d be lying if I said my son didn’t make a mistake,” she said.

“I am aware that my son acted improperly. I am aware that my son must answer for his error. However, I prefer that my son make amends for his error with dignity rather than by losing his life.

She continued by stating that Danelo might prefer death to life in a maximum-security facility.

“If [the choice is] to go to a place to suffer and die in that place, it’s better to die soon,” she remarked. “You don’t have to endure such pain just to pass away later.”

“Today, I see my son as dead in a strange place, trampled, and everyone is just lying about him, saying he’s something he’s not,” Iracema continued.

On August 31, just one week after being given a life sentence for fatally stabbing his ex-girlfriend, Danelo was caught on surveillance footage crab-walking up two walls at Chester County Prison to escape.

In later chilling footage, the killer could be seen, having changed his appearance by shaving his face.

After a resident of East Nantmeal Township reported firing seven shots at a person resembling Cavalcante’s description who was breaking into his home Monday night into Tuesday, the manhunt nearly reached a boiling point.

According to a local report, investigators arrived at the site of the confirmed sighting and discovered what they believe to be Cavalcante’s shoes.

Hundreds of police officers and SWAT members in armored trucks searched the area on Tuesday after a helicopter spotted the dangerous fugitive in South Coventry Township.

For the majority of the morning, two state police helicopters flew overhead near French Creek Elementary School, close to the scene where a resident claimed to have fired shots at an escaped mur*derer.

The Pennsylvania State Police issued a reverse 911 call to residents of South Coventry, West Vincent, and East Nantmeal townships, advising them to lock their doors and windows, secure their vehicles, and stay inside.

Danelo had previously eluded law enforcement after it was claimed that he killed Moreira in a public square in 2017.

Friends claim that he ran away and vanished into the ranchlands near the outlying rural settlements.

“You know how to hide when you’re used to the ranch,” she said. Longtime resident of Figueirópolis Raimundo Campos dos Santos recalled the search, saying, “He spent a lot of time in the bush.

Armed police have been searching a heavily wooded area for any signs of Cavalcante for nearly two weeks.

He toiled on a ranch, earning a reputation as a hard worker who, according to locals previously interviewed by the Times, was also someone you didn’t want to cross.

Evaldo Alves Feitosa remarked, “He kept to himself, didn’t talk much.” He failed to make eye contact with you.

Cavalcante’s victim’s friend Carlos Humberto Jacob added, “He had this reputation that he kept a lot of guns at home.

People once claimed that he kept powerful weapons at the ranch.

Cavalcante eventually reached America, where he arrived in January 2018.

Iracema claimed that her son loved his life in the US and that he went there to work, change his life, and advance.

“He felt at home there,” she remarked. He didn’t know what was there to meet him, though.

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