“Mum’s h*ead is on the concrete over there? Can they sew the head back on?” Jessica Camilleri asked police this question as she stood in the front yard outside her home. Moments earlier, Jessica att*acked her mother, Rita, with kn*ives in the kitchen of their St. Clair home.

Jessica continued, “There’s nothing you can do? She’s a goner? Cos I know doctors can do m*iracles. They can’t resew her h*ead?”

She went on to tell police that she wanted to give her mother “a taste of her own medicine.” She then asked “Do I get the de*ath penal*ty?”

Daughter St*abs Mother 200 Times, Dec*apitates Her Head

Strange things happened after Jessica sta*bbed her mother almost 200 times with different kitchen knives, including a butcher knife, as caught on body cam video. She told the police that she was protecting herself when she cut her mother’s head off on that hot July night in 2019.

Because Jessica used so much force when she st*abbed her mother, several of the knives broke.

Camilleri Summons 000 for Help

Camilleri called 911 after she c*ut off her mother’s head. The woman called 911 and said that her 57-year-old mother tried to sta*b her and she had to defend herself.

Camilleri was standing in the middle of the street with a bottle of water in his hand when police arrived. He was covered in blood. When they asked the 27-year-old what she did, she pointed to the severed head and said she k*illed her mother.

The head of Rita was found in the front lawn of a neighbor’s house by the police.

Her body was found in her own kitchen.

Camilleri told police that she was going to show her neighbors her mom’s severed head but dropped the plan because she had cell phones in her hands. The head was lying on the ground when she left it.

Her mother and her got into a fight because Rita wanted to send her to a mental hospital, she told the police. She thought she st*abbed her about 85 times. What that number really meant was that she had 200 st*ab wounds.

Jessica Camilleri Arrested

Camilleri was caught. Police quickly learned that the woman had a history of saying she would cut off people’s heads. Camilleri often picked up the phone and called someone, calling them and being mean and scary. She liked scary movies, and her favorite was “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” Camilleri liked to watch the same parts of the movie over and over again. She also attacked her aunt and her aunt’s mother-in-law at least once.

Jessica and her mother had a lot of fights. It looked like whatever Rita did made Jessica mad in some way.

Jessica can be heard telling the officer on the body cam video:

“She is done with me.” She had lost all hope. I need everyone to know this. I’ve hurt a lot of people before, but until tonight, I had never touched my mom. I know she’s fed up with me because I’m a pain. My mother lost her cool.”

“I wanted to give her a taste of her own medicine, but not to k*ill her.

“I had to keep sta*bbing her.

“I think that’s what happened and then her head just came off.”

Jessica Sentenced

Jessica was found guilty of ma*nslaughter and sentenced to 21-years, seven months in pr*ison.

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