Ruby Renee Havard was just 17-years-old when she gave birth to Wesley Dale Morgan in 1999. By 2001, she was in a relationship with 37-year-old Burnell Hilton Jr. and the couple lived in a home along US Highway 63 in Clinton, Louisiana. Ruby shared custody of 2-year-old Wesley with his father, Dewey Morgan, who also lived in Clinton.

On the morning of May 15, 2001, Ruby sat outside while Wesley played with puppies on their porch. Around 9:45 AM, Ruby went inside to prepare some pickled eggs for lunch later that day. When she returned a few minutes later, Wesley was no longer on the porch. Unable to find the toddler, Ruby called the police.

An extensive search of the area was conducted by authorities and included sniffing dogs. Roadblocks were also set up in order to question drivers. Furthermore, the State Governor declared a state of emergency in Clinton in order to finance the use of a helicopter with a thermal imaging device.

Not only was Ruby questioned several times, but she was also under constant surveillance in the weeks following Wesley’s disappearance. She claims authorities were biased against her due to her lifestyle. Ruby and Burnell voluntarily took polygraph tests which they both failed.

According to authorities, Ruby rarely asked them for updates on her missing son’s case and did not seem bothered when the searches were called off.

A couple of weeks after Wesley went missing, Burnell was arrested for an unrelated cri*me. His ex-girlfriend had accused him of shooting a bystander in October of 1998 in Zachary, Louisiana. In early 2001, his ex-girlfriend and Ruby had a confrontation over this issue.

Nevertheless, Ruby and Burnell broke up shortly after Wesley disappeared.

Ruby began dating another man in July of the same year. This unidentified man was questioned and his mobile home was searched. Even though a witness claims to have seen a young boy resembling Wesley in the area, no evidence was found. He is not considered a suspect.

It is the opinion of many people, including authorities, that Wesley is alive. The main theory is that Ruby sold her son. Despite authorities not having any evidence to support this argument, a later incident would make this scenario seem more believable.

In 2008, Ruby was arrested and charged with attempting to sell her unborn baby.

Ruby had gotten pregnant the year before and was in contact with a couple looking to adopt. This couple had met with several lawyers but could not afford to legally adopt a baby. Ruby and the couple went before a notary and signed a statement declaring Ruby would give them her baby for $2,000. Rhonda Covington, Ruby’s court-appointed lawyer, claimed the money had been to pay medical expenses, not to purchase the baby.

Nevertheless, when Ruby gave birth, she bonded with the baby and decided she wasn’t giving them to the couple as promised. Angry, the couple reported her to the police.

Authorities investigated the situation and were able to verify that the money had indeed been spent on medical expenses. Although still illegal, they did not have any concrete proof of Ruby’s intent to sell her baby and therefore not enough to win a prosecution.

When asked by a reporter about Wesley’s disappearance a few years prior, Covington said, “She was a teenager with a fifth-grade education when the child disappeared, yet she was supposed to outsmart the Sheriff’s Office and the FBI?”.

Wesley’s case was reopened in April of 2016. 21 digital signs were installed throughout Louisiana and Mississipi. The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone with information on Wesley’s whereabouts.

Ruby was happy to see her son’s case reopen. She continues to live in Louisiana with her husband and two daughters. Many of Wesley’s relatives, Clinton residents, and people involved in the investigation at the time are still hoping to locate him.

Wesley Dale Morgan has been missing for 23 years. If alive, he is now 24-years-old.

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