Already 95 families have lost a person to ho*micide in Indianapolis so far this year. That is 22 more people than were kil*led at this point.

On top of that, police have dozens of unsolved cases they plead with the community to help close. One of those cases is of the mur*der of 20-year-old Tatyana Sims.

“Tatyana Sims was my daughter,” Sims’ mother, Amanda Davis, said. “She was ki*lled on September 3, 2019.” Her three-year-old child was also shot in the head. 47 shots were fired at our house.

The pain Amanda Davis is in hasn’t stopped since her daughter was ki*lled and her granddaughter was hurt. On N. Hovey Street, just before 3 a.m., police said the shooting took place. A lot of shell casings from different guns were found at the scene.

“She was in bed,” Davis said with tears in his eyes. “She was in her room, and her room was the worst hit.”

After almost a year, the police still haven’t caught anyone. Davis said she is sure that someone was after her daughter.

Davisn said, “She told my kids and her best friends how she wanted to be buried, what shoes she wanted to wear, and how she wanted her hair,” “She knew it was going to happen.”

Davis’s raw emotion shows why justice is so important for the families of cr*ime victims. The police need proof and people to come forward.

If you can help make an arrest in Sims’ case, Cr*imeStoppers will pay you up to $1,000. Dan Rosenberg of the group said that he knows people are scared to speak out, which is why Cr*imeStoppers exists.

He said, “Cr*imeStoppers is not the police.” “They don’t make money.” They keep everything secret, so they don’t get your name, address, or phone number.

It’s better for our city if police get more useful tips. That way, they can make more arrests and hopefully k*ill fewer people. Call Cr*imeStoppers at 317-262-TIPS if you know anything that could help police solve a case.

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