Faviola Rodriguez d*ied in September 2018 while being watched by the boyfriend of her mother. She was only 2 years old.

People have taken things from her daughter’s grave at the Masonic Cemetery in Las Cruces, New Mexico. This has caused trouble for her mother, Saundra Gonzales. Saundra’s toys and other things went missing, so she asked the cemetery to keep an eye out.

In Masonic Cemetery, another family has put a camera on a nearby gravestone. Saundra said that the person who killed their son was still free and was destroying the grave.

The family looked at their videos to see if there was anything they could show to the police, and what they saw worried them.

The family took pictures of a little girl in the cemetery in the middle of the night and gave them to the cemetery owners because they were worried that the girl was lost.

Right away, a worker said, “We know that little girl” and led the family to her grave.

The next day, Saundra and her grandmother were at Faviola’s grave when her family came back to the cemetery. Saundra said, “I burst into tears when they showed me the picture because I know that is my daughter.”

Saundra said, “She told us that she had something really beautiful that they had caught on video to show us.” “Then she took out her phone and showed it to me. As soon as she showed me the picture, I started crying.”

In the last picture taken by the camera in the Masonic Cemetery, the little girl seems to be walking away with a tall man.

“I think she was there to take him to heaven,” Saundra told him. “Both of them have such sad stories about things that happened to them, and neither of them has gotten justice yet. So, I’m sure she was there to make him feel better and take him to heaven.”

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