One week after delivering a healthy baby boy she named Ari, 23-year-old Prosper Ortega nearly lost her life defending him after her husband and the baby’s father attacked her in the Atlanta home they shared.

Prosper Ortega Brutally To*rtured

In June 2016, Aaron Uchitel brutally assaulted, s*exually as*saulted, and to*rtured his wife, Prosper, after weakening her by drug*ging her drinks. He poured scalding water into her ears so she could not hear her 7-day-old son cry, poked and prodded at her eyes so she could not see the baby, and repeatedly stabbed her in the chest.

Prosper attempted to escape from a bedroom window, although Aaron caught her and became even more infuriated. He tied Prosper to the bed, cut off all her hair, bit her upper lip, and tried to rip her teeth out of her mouth. He repeatedly raped Prosper.

Fawn Ortega, Prosper’s mother, visited her daughter’s home after two days without a response from her daughter. She suspected the couple had been having problems, but had no idea the extent of them.

Aaron refused to allow her in the home, although Fawn fought her way inside. When she saw her daughter lying brui*sed and battered in the bed, she called 9–1–1.

Prosper was “hours from death” when paramedics rushed her to the hospital. She was left temporarily blinded and in a wheelchair. Sadly, her nightmare wasn’t yet over.

Prosper Lost Custody of Ari

After the incident, Prosper needed extensive medical treatment, including multiple surgeries, rendering her unable to care for Ari without help. Her mother was temporarily granted custody, although weeks later, Ari was placed in the home with Prosper’s godparents, the Temples.

Prosper trusted the Temples to take care of her son. Instead, she learned in 2018 that they tricked her into signing full legal and physical custody over to them while she was wheelchair-bound and heavily medicated.

There is no love like a mother’s love. Prosper would not accept that someone else would raise her son. She fought for Ari, racking up tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees during the three-year battle. It was worth it in the end, as the courts realized they had erred in their judgment, vacated the previous order, and sent Ari home with his mom, exactly where he belongs, per the Facebook page, Justice For Prosper and Ari.

Aaron Had Threatened to Leave with Ari

How could a man become so enraged at his wife that he would attack her in such a vicious way? The reason behind the attack is unclear, although media reports state Aaron had threatened to leave the home with Ari. Prosper did not want Aaron to take her son and thought she could calm him down so he would change his mind and stay.

Aaron was taken into custody that day. He was charged with aggravated battery, fals*e imprisonment, and cruelty to children. In 2018, Aaron accepted a plea deal in the case. He was sentenced to a total of 20 years in prison. Aaron currently serves his time at the Jenkins Correctional Facility.

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