Viktoria Kuznetsova did not want baby Egor because he kept her awake at night and stopped her from partying. She gave him to an orphanage but he was returned to her six months later. When Egor was 9-months-old, Viktoria went out with friends for a week, leaving him home to die from starvation. She returned home briefly to feed the dog but did not check on Egor. She’ll spend six years in prison for the starvation m*urder of her son.

Full Story

The Russian woman Viktoria Kuznetsova was found guilty of k*illing her baby son by starving him to de*ath while she “partied” for a week. She will spend six years in prison.

It was hard for the 17-year-old mother to watch as her sentence was read in court. The court heard that she had planned to k*ill Egor, who was 9 months old, when she started college. Egor did not yet sleep through the night like most babies do. She didn’t like that he kept her up at night.

She was also angry that Egor kept her from having fun with other people. She didn’t want to be stuck at home with a baby while her friends went out to have fun, pirates, and be with each other.

Because he was in the military, Egor’s dad couldn’t take care of the kid. As soon as he heard that his son had died, he filed for divorce from Viktoria. She gave him to an orphanage when he was one month old, but by the time he was seven months old, she had brought him back to her.

Early in 2018, Vikorira put Egor in a stroller, rolled it into a bedroom, and locked the door behind her. She didn’t care about or watch over the baby. She went out with friends and partied with them for a week. Friends heard her say that her aunt was taking good care of Egor, so they didn’t worry about Viktoria being gone for so long.

Baby Egor Died

While she was having fun, baby Egor died of not getting enough food and water. When she got home, she didn’t check on Egor. Instead, she gave the dog a new bowl of water.

People in the neighborhood called the police because they didn’t believe what she said. During this welfare check, the police found the dead baby.

Egor’s organs had stopped working because he had not been drinking enough water and eating enough. There was shock on his face when the police found him with his eyes open. By the time he was found, his small, weak body had already started to rot.

At that point, the police arrested Viktoria. She told him she didn’t want the child. She wasn’t upset or like she didn’t mind going to jail, but she was really worried about what was going to happen. There was no way she was going to hide the fact that she didn’t want baby Egor from anyone who would listen.

My Thoughts

Not sure how things like adoption, laws, orphanages, and so on work outside of the U.S. That being said, Viktoria tried to be good when she gave Egor to the orphanage. At least she did that, which I admire. I’m really interested in why he was given back to her and why she couldn’t adopt the baby.

Like other people on social media who heard about the story, I think a six-year sentence is ridiculous. How can someone k*ill someone and get such a short prison sentence? People who commit drugs or fraud spend more time in prison! #MakeitMakeSense.

She left baby Egor and said over and over that she didn’t want him. Because of this, he died, and you should be charged with mu*rder and given a much harsher sentence than six years!

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