Twenty-year-old Christopher Thompkins was working as a surveyor when he disappeared on January 25, 2002. He has not been heard from or seen since that awful day.

Christopher was a devout Christian who was well-liked by everyone in the town. He lived in Ellerslie, Georgia, with his mother. He left his house at about eight in the morning on January 1st to go to work. After parking his car at the company’s offices, he and a coworker drove to the neighbouring jobsite.

The crew consisted of four men who worked in a queue approximately 50 feet apart. After the men finished their lunch break at 1 p.m., one of them engaged Christopher in conversation as he completed his duties. However, to his dismay, Christopher did not respond, prompting his coworker to turn around only to discover that he had disappeared.

A Search for Christopher The coworker diligently searched the area, calling Christopher’s name repeatedly, but was unable to locate his missing colleague. As a result, he informed the other men, and they commenced a fruitless search for Christopher. They came across one of his boots entangled on a barbed-wire fence nearby. Additionally, they observed all of his tools strewn about the worksite.

The crew dialled 9-1-1 for assistance when in peril. Unfortunately, the authorities instructed them to wait 24 hours before reporting a missing person, limiting their ability to provide immediate assistance.

The police initiated an investigation and combed the area for any trace of the missing man. Five months later, they discovered Christopher’s work trousers and a minuscule sum of 12 cents, but no other traces of him. Approximately 900 yards away from the initial disappearance site, a farmer discovered the farmer’s remaining boot in a marshy area on his property.

Police Closure: Christopher’s New Beginning The police conducted interviews with every man present at the construction site on that fateful day. The “boss” at the company asserted that Christopher exhibited odd behaviour in the days leading up to his disappearance, a claim that Christopher’s mother refuted.

In the absence of any clues or evidence of foul play, the authorities concluded that Christopher had voluntarily left the job site to begin a new life, and consequently closed the investigation.

The mother of Christopher is adamantly opposed to the decision, refuting it. She suspects foul play and questions the coworkers’ candour with the police. Could they have had a hand in Christopher’s disappearance?

Colleagues: Absent Suspects Despite being the last individuals to have interacted with Christopher, the police never considered the coworkers to be suspects. Intriguingly, one of them immediately sought legal counsel after Christopher’s disappearance, while the other was sentenced to a lengthy prison term for a violent crime mere months later.

Authorities have not disclosed the identities of these three coworkers.

Reasonable Explanations for Christopher’s Disappearance He voluntarily left the job site to start a new chapter in his life. However, if Christopher left voluntarily, why did he leave his work trousers and boots behind? In addition, he has made no attempt to contact his mother, with whom he shared a close relationship, nor any other friends or family members.

Some hypothesise that supernatural occurrences may have played a part in Christopher’s mystery.

Alternately, he may have been captured by an animal, although no footprints or blood traces were discovered.

The coworkers’ involvement in Christopher’s disappearance remains a plausible theory.

The Situation Remains Unresolved Nearly two decades have passed since Christopher Thompkins vanished, but the case remains unsolved. Please contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Office at (706) 628-4211 if you have any information that could contribute to its resolution. Use case number 020125004 or NCIC Case number M-082152620 to reference this case.

What Happened to Christopher Thompson?

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