A Texas woman was found b*urned alive on the roadside around 5am on August 29 in an upscale Austin neighborhood.

The body of Melissa Davis, 33, was found by firefighters near the intersection of Mesa Drive and Cat Mountain Drive when they responded to a call of a grass fire.

Davis was pronounced dead on the scene as cops ‘smelled a strong odor of accelerant’ near her body which was in a small grassy area next to a fence, directly off a busy road.

Investigators also found what looked to be a brand-new lighter on the ground. According to the search warrant, a K9 dog discovered a butcher knife that authorities surmise was “placed with the decedent in an attempt to destroy the evidence with the fire.”

There is physical evidence from her autopsy that she was b*urned alive. Authorities are searching for the person they believe committed the mu*rder.

After obtaining a search warrant for Davis’s phone data, the police discovered that the previous day, Davis had left her mother’s house in the Circle C neighbourhood and was informed that she needed to go to the Apple store to get her phone fixed.

Although the phone was not discovered at the scene, the police are optimistic that her mobile records would help them track down the suspect.

The blue Toyota 4Runner that belonged to Davis is still missing from the crime scene, and the Austin Police Department is searching for it as well.

Austin Police stated on Facebook on October 6 that “any information that leads to an arrest may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000.”

Davis was originally from Austin, Texas, and was residing in Taos, New Mexico, according to her Facebook page.

Ellie Simmons, her closest friend and “soul sister,” said to KVUE that she “had more of a zest for life than I think anyone else.”

Along with one of our other friends, we actually dreamed of opening an art station-equipped hostel in Costa Rica. She created art. She cherished art.

Continuing, Simmons characterised her and her closest companion as ‘free spirits’ who were ‘driven to make every day count’.

David Haisman, one of her other close friends, is still in shock over what transpired with Davis.

It caused me to feel such intense grief. The knowledge that not only was this person I loved deeply gone, but that they had endured such a difficult life.

“My heart still feels like it’s breaking.” As if I were being stabbed. Haisman said to KVUE, “I feel like I’ve been stabbed and I’m bleeding out slowly.”

The opulent Austin, Texas suburb of Cat Mountain is where Davis’s body was discovered.

The properties, which soar above the Austin skyline, range in price from less than $300,000 to well over $1 million.

AustinRealEstate.com states that a home in that area typically costs around $675,000 to $800,000.

With 26,000 residents, Cat Mountain has drawn many affluent families and single professionals.

Police continue to actively investigate the homicide as of Tuesday; no arrests have been made.

When DailyMail.com contacted the Austin Police Department regarding the investigation, they declined to provide any additional information.

Davis had a deep affection for animals in addition to art and travel.

According to her obituary: ‘She took immense pride in being dog mom to Dudley who was her constant companion for the past six years – he wanted for nothing!’

Police advise anyone with details regarding Davis’s car’s whereabouts or the homicide to get in touch with their Crime Stoppers or TIPS departments.

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