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Remember when Hasbro introduced it would certainly allow you place your 3D-printed face on a completely accredited Star Wars, Marvel, Ghostbusters, G.I. Joe, or Power Rangers action figure for $60 plus tax obligation? Well, my Hasbro Selfie Series figure simply arrived today– and also while it’s not a excellent similarity, I’m still type of surprised. This may be the excellent last-minute present for a follower, for factors I’ll quickly discuss.

But initially, allow me reveal you Mini Mandalorian Sean so you can evaluate on your own.

The inner box pulled out of the outer one, showing Sean’s figure in a display window
Click here for a bigger picture.
Photo by Sean Hollister/ The Verge
sean’s figure trapped in a box, bound by brown twine
Click here for a bigger picture.
Photo by Sean Hollister/ The Verge
Sean’s figure poses with the Mandalorian’s amban phase pulse blaster rifle
Click here for a bigger picture.
Photo by Sean Hollister/ The Verge
Sean’s figure takes a pistol shooting pose with his trademark gun
Click here for a bigger picture.
Photo by Sean Hollister/ The Verge
Sean’s figure poses with the optional dull grey jetpack piece and one arm raised in the air with the pistol
Click here for a bigger picture.
Photo by Sean Hollister/ The Verge
Looking straight down the barrel of the Mandalorian rifle.
Click here for a bigger picture.
Photo by Sean Hollister/ The Verge

While I desire it likewise featured the Mandalorian’s hallmark headgear, the expression and also outlining right here is most definitely tolerable for the cost. You obtain his glossy Beskar shield, the Mudhorn signet, a elastic shoulder belt and also gun bag, great deals of greebles jabbing via numerous components of his set, and also sufficient joints to present him practically any type of method you would certainly such as.

In truth, I assume his body is collected straight from Hasbro’s Star Wars The Black Series figure schedule due to the fact that the sculpt, gun rifle, gun, and also jetpack deviceslook identical to this one that retails for $20–30 In truth, I so take place to have the earlier variation of that figure, pre-Beskar shield, to compare to:

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Hasbro The Black Series The Mandalorian (pre-Beskar) versus Hasbro Selfie Series The Mandalorian. Larger image here.
Hasbro The Black Series The Mandalorian (pre-Beskar) versusHasbro Selfie Series The Mandalorian Larger image here.
Photo by Sean Hollister/ The Verge

It simply requires a detachable headgear to finish the set– therefore I can shock individuals by disclosing that the Mandalorian has actually constantly privately been me.

Unfortunately, I do not assume simply carrying out a headgear would certainly idea individuals in! “That looks like you… a little bit,” states my partner. When I ask my three-year-old if it appears like somebody she understands, she smiles however can not figure it out. (She’s had the ability to choose me out of a photo for rather a long time currently.)

“From some angles it really does look like you,” states my associate Mitchell Clark, that has actually just fulfilled me as soon as face to face. I concur, however I can not inform if he’s darning with pale appreciation!

My partner and also I concur that the most significant issue is the jaw. I just do not have an egg-shaped confront with a sharp chin. I have a rounded face, and also pleased with it. I was a little concerned this may take place due to the fact that the Hasbro application could not appear to choose my face form. After a quite simple “scan” that essentially simply had me transform my go to a couple of selfies, it originally revealed me the egg– once I reached the 3D version, it appeared to have actually completed my face, and also I presumed whatever was fine:

Screenshot of a 3D representation of Sean’s face floating in space.

I attempted the check a couple of times, however it was constantly egg-shaped.
Screenshot by Sean Hollister/ The Verge
Screenshot of the beard options screen of the Hasbro app.

Lots of beard alternatives, however extra on that particular in a sec …
Screenshot by Sean Hollister/ The Verge

But it still provides me a enjoyable exceptional sensation, and also I simulate the method the head looks or else. I anticipated to see some dead giveaways that it was 3D published, however I can not truly make them out without a magnifying glass. Kudos to Hasbro’s 3D printing companion Formlabs for that.

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One last inconvenience: you need to select the hair and also beard design on your own, as they’re not component of the check, and also it’s challenging to obtain a excellent suit. I could not obtain the hair and also beard the exact same shade, which seems like a strange issue, and also it’s remarkably challenging to approximate just how much face hair your figure will certainly wind up with. See the Power Ranger listed below? I chose a extremely light beard, however it looks thick and also bushy. With the Mandalorian, I attempted to make up by going also lighter– however the outcome is a lot lighter than I was visualizing.

Red Power Ranger figure brandishes a sword next to my Mandalorian figure standing right next to each other.
My Red Ranger’s face isn’t the exact same due to the fact that it’s from some selfies I sent out Hasbro prior to the firm’s application prepared. Larger image here.
Photo by Sean Hollister/ The Verge

Would I have been pleased with my $70 acquisition (after tax obligation and also delivery)? I’m on the fencing, however I would certainly have enjoyed to obtain it as a present– and also I more than happy to claim Hasbro is making that component very easy.

Instead of creepily attempting to shock them with a mini-me based upon photos you submit without consent, you can leave all of it in their hands comeChristmas Day You just buy a digital code, aid your pal or member of the family download and install the application, allow them choose whether they intend to send out scans of their face throughout the web, and also choose their very own hero and also hairdo. Hasbro states you’ll obtain immediately reimbursed in 45 days if they do not complete it.

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Here’s the complete collection of alternatives since today:

Screenshot of the available figures, including Mandalorian warrior, Stormtrooper, X-Wing pilot, rebel princess, Black Panther, Black Widow, Spider-Man, Iron Man, female rookie, male rookie, Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Red Ranger, and Pink Ranger.
Screenshot by Sean Hollister/ The Verge

And in instance you’re questioning your giftee’s face information, we currently inquired about that: “The scan will be stored only for 60 days from ship date at which point it is deleted. It is not used by Hasbro in any way except for if a replacement needs to be issued within the 60-day window from ship date. The scan will not be used for advertising or marketing or sold to anyone,” representative Meredith Chiricosta informed us in July.

If you got among these numbers, I would certainly aspire to see exactly how very closely it resembles you! And as a bonus offer for reviewing this much, I’ll leave you with some alternating truth Spider-Verse variations of me.

Sean as a Star Wars rebel pilot, spider-man, iron man, black widow, red ranger, snake eyes, scarlet, and ghostbuster
Sean numbers: Collect the entire collection!
Screenshots by Sean Hollister/ The Verge

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