According to the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, a Nevada man who was charged with killing 18-year-old Naomi Irion, who disappeared from a Walmart parking lot last year, committed suicide on Sunday while incarcerated.

Troy Driver, 43, passed away while he was being held at the Lyon County Jail in Nevada pending trial for Irion’s de*ath. After being taken into custody, he was accused of first-degree mur*der and kidnapping in relation to Irion’s disappearance on March 12.

Driver was found to be unresponsive by jail deputies during a routine check and inmate head count at approximately 6:17 p.m., according to a news release from the sheriff’s office.

The deputies saved the person’s life by doing things like CPR and calling for an ambulance.

After several failed attempts at CPR, medical staff declared Driver de*ad.

“So far, the information we have suggests that Driver ki*lled himself by suffocation,” Sheriff Brad Pope said in the news release. “The driver was locked up in a high-security cell and couldn’t talk to other prisoners.”

Nevada State Police are investigating, the sheriff’s office said.

Pope said, “I want to offer the Irion family my deepest condolences.” “My prayers and thoughts are with you.”

Irion was last observed in the Fernley, a city approximately thirty miles east of Reno, Walmart parking lot at five in the morning on March 12. Casey Valley, her 32-year-old brother, claimed to have seen a man walking toward the parking lot from a dirt lot while wearing a mask and hoodie captured on store security footage. Then, before forcing his way inside, the man circled around Irion’s car.

According to Valley, “he may have circled the parking lot to make sure there were no witnesses.” He pushed his way into the driver’s side of the vehicle from behind the vehicle. Perhaps her door wasn’t locked. After forcing her to move to the passenger seat with a word or deed, he drove her car off in an unidentified direction.

Irion’s vehicle was discovered in a Fernley industrial area. Authorities said that her body was found in a remote gravesite east of Reno on March 30.

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