Nia Glassie was a sweet, happy baby murd*ered in July 2007 by five people who should have protected her, including her mother. Those five people: Lisa Kuka, Wiremu Curtis, and his brother Michael Curtis, along with Michael’s partner Oriwa and Michael Pearson, tortured Nia because they said she was ugly.

I don’t know where they saw ugly in her, she was beautiful. On the other hand, the five of them are pretty groteque.


Not only are they ugly outside, but they’re also hollow inside. If I wrote my true feelings toward these monsters, this story would not be publishable, so we’ll leave it at that.

The Murd*er of Nia Glassie

This group of monsters from Roura, New Zealand, put Nia inside of a dryer, turned the machine on high heat, and allowed her to tumble for 30-minutes. Then, they placed Nia on the clothesline upside down, repeatedly dropping her on her head.

This act came after months of a*buse at the hands of the five monsters. Nia was abu*sed mainly when her mother Lisa was at work, but she did not step in and help her daughter. Most of the ab*use was caused by Wiremu, her lover, and his boyfriend.

No one cared enough about Nia to take her to the hospital for nearly two days after the ho*rrific dryer incident. After 33-hours, Lisa finally took her to the hospital.

Kuka found Nia in her bed. She had wet the bed and would not wake up. She put Nia in the bath, still unconscious. She did not wake up, yet she put her back in the bed and celebrated Michael Curtis’ 21st birthday with the rest of the crew. Her own mother.

13-Days of Agony

When Nia was finally taken to the hospital, she was almost dead and could not breathe on her own. Nia’s mother told hospital staff that Nia had fallen, causing the hor*rific injuries, but they knew better.

Nia suffered an agonizing 13-days in the hospital before she succumbed to her injuries and passed away on August 3, 2007.

Why Was Nia Abu*sed?

The brothers did not like Nia and decided they would a*buse her for their entertainment. Why would someone dislike a three-year-old? These two men said Nia was ugly.

Liars! This beautiful little olive-skinned princess with big brown eyes did not have an ugly bone in her body.

Months of Abu*se Before Death

Before the fatal day of ab*use that k*illed Nia, the five did other equally ho*rrific acts to her, including holding her over a burning fire, used her to practice wrestling moves, put her into a hole in the couch and sat on her, tossed her into ice-cold bathwater, drug her half-naked through a sandpit, threw her at walls, dropped her from feet in the air, and hurled random objects at her.

They hit her, bit her, kicked her in the head, slapped her, and stomped on the beautiful girl.

Arrests & Aftermath

All five of the monsters were taken into custody. The Curtis brothers were found guilty of Nia’s m*urder, Kuka was convicted of two counts of manslaughter, and Pearson and Kemp were found not guilty of manslaughter, but convicted of assault.

The two brothers remain in prison. They are not eligible for parole until 2025, although should never walk free again.


Kuka was granted parole in 2015 but violated it a short time later. She returned to prison but was again out on parole in 2017. Oriwa and Michael Pearson both served short sentences but have both lived troubled lives since the murder.

NONE of the five people involved with Nia’s murder in any way should have ever stepped foot outside of a prison.

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