Nima Momeni

Tech boss Prosecutors said today that Nima Momeni sta*bbed Cash App founder Bob Lee in the heart after threatening to “come down hard on him” and interrogating him about his relationship with his married sister, with whom the Cash App founder had been sending intimate text messages.

Momeni is accused of ki*lling Lee on April 4, around 2:35 a.m., in San Francisco, after spending about two hours with him in the apartment of his married sister Khazar.

Khazar and her husband, Dr. Dino Elyassnia, who is a plastic surgeon, went to court today. They were both wearing designer sunglasses. As kids, she and her brother moved from Iran to the US.

Today, prosecutors gave new information about the case in order to keep Momeni locked up.

In a court motion, they showed a text from Khazar to Lee in which she went on and on about how “classy” he was.

Nima had asked Lee a lot of questions about his relationship with Khazar, who was married to a well-known plastic surgeon in the area, hours before he was kil*led. She wanted to know if she had been “doing drugs” or anything else “inappropriate” with him.

Earlier that day, he had a drink with her and one of Lee’s friends.

At 12:39 a.m., Lee was seen going into the building where Khazar lived. Nima was inside already.

Lee and Nima left Lee’s apartment building at 2:03 a.m. and got into Nima’s BMW. Nima had offered to drive Lee to his hotel.

Prosecutors say that instead, he took him to a sketchy downtown street, stabbed him three times, including once in the heart, and then ran away.

A friend of Bob’s for 10 years who didn’t want to be named told police that he thought Lee and Khazar were having an affair and that her marriage might have been “in jeopardy” because of it.

Before Lee moved to Miami in October of last year, he and Khazar both lived in Mill Valley, a wealthy suburb of San Francisco.

In a text message to Lee earlier in the day, she told him, “Just wanted to make sure you were okay because I know Nima was really hard on you. Thank you for being such a classy man about it.”

“Love you self-centered jerks.”

Today, she and her husband were seen in court for the arraignment of her brother.

The day before Lee died, at 3.30 p.m., he had also had drinks with Khazar. The friend was there, too. Khazar said no when Lee asked her to come to his hotel room.

Once Nima was in her hotel room, she Facetimed Lee. It was about him going back to the house where he and Khazar had been earlier to get Khazar.

Court documents show that Nima asked Lee if his sister was doing drugs or anything else inappropriate. Lee had to reassure Nima that nothing inappropriate had happened.

Then, they went to the friend’s apartment and hung out there until 12.30am.

At 12:39am, Lee was seen going into Khazar’s apartment. Since 8:31 p.m., Nima had been there. They left together at 2:03 a.m., 30 minutes before the stabbing was caught on camera.

The friend called Khazar the day after the mu*rder and asked if Lee had gone to her apartment. Documents show that she said he had been there “for a second,” but that she “fell asleep” and didn’t know when he left.

Momeni has been charged with m*urder by San Francisco’s District Attorney, Brooke Jenkins. She has also been charged with a special enhancement for using a knife.

In the motion that was filed today, her office said that the angry brother had planned the attack.

The stabbing is also said to have been caught on surveillance video in Momeni’s BMW.

After that, he ran away quickly and threw his knife into the street, leaving Lee to stumble through the streets of San Francisco in a desperate last attempt to stay alive.

He was taken to the hospital, but his injuries kil*led him there.

Lee’s family has promised to work with prosecutors to bring Momeni to ‘justice’.

In a joint statement that came out last night, they thanked the police for making an arrest.

Officials in San Francisco have also taken pride in the fact that the kil*ling was neither random nor a sign of the city’s rising crime rate, as many people thought it was.

Today, Momeni’s bail was turned down, so he will stay in jail until his next court date.

In addition to the loft where Momeni was arrested yesterday, the police also looked through her things.

Neighbors told that he is “warm and welcoming” and that they were shocked by his arrest.

But questions have been raised about his past.

He says online that he went to UC Berkeley and graduated, but the school says it has no record of him ever going there.

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