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Elon Musk tweeted,”You know, in some parts of the world, journalists get murdered for crossing the wrong people. Banning the reporters I don’t like from my own platform feels like a pretty innocuous alternative to me.”

On Dec 16, 2022, after Elon Musk put on hold a number of prominent reporters from Twitter for supposedly doxxing the area of Musk’s personal jet and also, according to him, threatening his family members, the screenshot of a tweet apparently released by Musk in protection of the suspensions swiftly went viral. It read:

You recognize, in some components of the globe, reporters obtain killed for going across the incorrect individuals. Banning the reporters I do not such as from my very own system seems like a quite harmless option to me.

This was not an actual tweet or declaration fromElon Musk It does not show up on Musk’s authorities Twitter timeline, neither, in spite of some individuals’ cases that he in fact did tweet it and afterwards removed it, does it show up in PolitiTweet‘s archive consisting of every one of Musk’s removed tweets

The phony screenshot initially showed up onDec 16 on the subreddit r/WhitePeopleTwitter with a “Satire/Fake Tweet” tag affixed to it. We have actually as a result ranked this case “Originated as Satire.”


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