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A video clip programs a “reptilian shape shifter” safeguarding previous united state President Barack Obama throughout a 2013 speech.

There’s a claiming that the web always remembers, which’s absolutely real of old conspiracy theory concepts that reject to pass away. One such instance is a video clip of a hairless united state Secret Service agent with solid bone framework that conspiracy theory philosophers because 2013 have actually implicated of being a reptilian form shifter.

The video clip, since this writing, is virtually a years old. It comes from a speech provided by previous united state President Barack Obama in 2013 at a March 4, 2013, plan seminar held by the lobbying team American Israel Public Affairs Committee, additionally understood by its phrase AIPAC. In the video clip, conspiracy theory philosophers focus on the Secret Service agent and also implicate him of being a reptile, which can not have actually aided that person’s self-worth.

The conspiracy concept emerged in December 2022 in a extensively watched Instagram video clip:

“This was the day that the government was caught with a reptilian Secret Service agent in HD and they didn’t deny anything,” the video clip’s host intones.

But the video clip and also underlying conspiracy concept– that the united state federal government concealed a reptilian guy in simple view however additionally attempted to conceal that it did so– is obviously inconsistent and also relies upon a well-worn conspiracy concept regarding shape-shifting reptile individuals.

It elevates such noticeable inquiries as: If the federal government was attempting to conceal its reptilian representatives, why placed one in a extremely noticeable setting at a telecasted occasion? If reptilians can shape-shifting to appear like people, why not simply shape-shift right into something much less noticeable, like a table or chair? Do shape-shifting reptilians obtain complete pay and also advantages as public servant?

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Is It True the Government ‘Didn’t Deny’ Its Reptilian Employee?

In the Instagram video clip, the host declares that the federal government “didn’t deny anything” regarding the case that a reptilian was safeguarding Obama throughout his 2013 AIPAC speech. This case is based upon a screenshot of a March 2013 tale released by innovation information websiteWired The tale consists of a jokingly quote from Caitlin Hayden, spokesperson for the National Security Council, in which she describes Obama- age budget plan cuts described as sequestration:

I can not verify the cases made in this video clip, however any type of supposed program to safeguard the head of state with aliens or robotics would likely need to be downsized or gotten rid of in the

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