An allegedly “evil” Hudson Valley woman was arrested for attempting to hire a hitman to k*ill her brother-in-law, and her family has “zero compassion” for the “heifer.”

On August 18, Reshma Massarone, a bank manager, was charged in a failed murd*er-for-hire scheme in Manhattan Federal Court.

Massarone, 39, contacted an unidentified friend in July and offered him $10,000 to k*ill her brother-in-law while he was on a family vacation in their native Guyana, according to prosecutors.

According to court documents, she told the would-be assassin via Facebook Messenger, “You take care of business and become a wealthy man.”

She then allegedly wired a $2,500 down payment to the individual, who claimed he would stage the hit as a botched robbery.

Instead, a day before the planned assassination, the friend informed the intended victim of the plot and accompanied him to the U.S. embassy, where they spoke with authorities, according to court documents.

According to court documents, the victim told law enforcement officials that he and Massarone had a pending civil lawsuit in New York.

After months of squabbling, Massarone and her family allegedly hatched a plan to exploit a dying relative by taking out an insurance policy in her name.

“This heartless animal tried to take advantage of my dying sister, so this is her karma coming full circle,” a relative wrote on Facebook.

“This woman is evil,” another site user commented.

“She has been torturing and tormenting people for a very long time.”

The litigation may have been related to a judge’s dismissal of a restraining order Massarone filed against her brother-in-law, according to family members who declined to elaborate.

“She wasn’t satisfied, she didn’t get her way, so she wanted to mur*der him,” a family member told The Post.

Another family member stated, “I believe her next step was to have him assassinated or mur*dered because she was stuck with these attorney’s fees and everything else.”

“I believe in her mind, resolving the issue was preferable to going to court.”

Massarone, an employee of Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, is familiar with the court system.

In the past two years, she has sued two banks, alleging that they engaged in racial discrimination against her while she was employed there. However, both of these cases were dismissed by judges.

During a hearing in Manhattan Federal Court, a judge ordered Massarone to be held without bail “due to the threat to the community.”

She was placed on administrative leave, according to the Mid-Hudson Valley Credit Union.

The attorney for Massarone did not respond immediately to requests for comment.

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