The Maury County Sheriff’s Department (MCSD) is searching for three children after they were allegedly taken by their father.

According to MCSD, a Maury County Juvenile Judge issued an emergency custody order removing the children of Camryn Curtis from his custody and placing them in the temporary custody of a relative.

Curtis allegedly willfully ignored the order and took the three children.

The MCSD said Curtis and the children’s whereabouts are not known at this time.

They said based on information provided to law enforcement, the children are currently considered missing and e*ndangered, the MCSD said.

Curtis was last seen with the children in a black 2014 Jeep Compass with the Tennessee license plate “804-BCRY”

If anyone has any details about where Curtis and his children are, they are asked to contact the MCSD at 931-388-5151.

Officials said if spotted to not approach and to contact 911 or local law enforcement.

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