That woman tried to make another daring escape from her Texas jail on Wednesday. She had been on the run for 43 days after allegedly ki*lling professional cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson out of jealousy.

At the end of her visit to the doctor, 34-year-old Kaitlin Armstrong was being led back to the transport vehicle by two corrections officers “when she ran,” according to Kristen Dark, a spokeswoman for the Travis County Sheriff’s Office.

The suspect ki*ller ran into a residential area for more than a block before police could catch her again.

Armstrong may have been in shackles or handcuffs when she escaped from the deputies, but the department said the officers did not draw their guns and were able to keep a close eye on her the whole time she was running away.

After what happened, she was taken to the hospital to be checked out and then sent back to her Austin jail cell.

Rick Cofer, Armstrong’s lawyer, did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment. When the phone was answered, a staff member said the case is under a gag order.

Armstrong is still being tried for shooting and k*illing Wilson, who was 25 years old, in May 2022. Wilson was in Austin for a race where she was a favourite to win.

Authorities think the ex-yoga teacher k*illed Wilson when she found out that her boyfriend at the time, professional cyclist Colin Strickland, had been seeing the victim while Armstrong was cheating on her with Armstrong.

Armstrong was questioned by police, but he quickly left the country.

The US Marshals found her in a hostel in Costa Rica after 43 days. There, they found two passports and a $6,350 bill for plastic surgery.

The person who is accused of mu*rder changed her face a lot and went by different names as she moved around the country trying to make a name for herself as a yoga teacher.

During her July arraignment, she said she was not guilty of first-degree mu*rder. He could spend up to 99 years in jail if found guilty.

It’s not clear whether Armstrong would face additional charges for her latest attempted escape.

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