Following his shooting and de*ath of his 44-year-old mother in Milwaukee last week, a 10-year-old boy has been charged with first-degree ho*micide as an adult.

As per the criminal complaint, the youngster was irate with his mother for discouraging him from placing an Amazon order in the morning.

Around 7 a.m. on Monday, November 21, a fatal shooting transpired in the vicinity of 87th and Hemlock. The boy was playing with the firearm when it discharged, striking his mother, according to the police. Quiana Mann, who had sustained fatal head wounds, was shot in the head and subsequently passed away.

As per the criminal complaint, the boy initially claimed that the gun discharged “accidentally” while he was circling it around his finger. Upon witnessing his sister awaken from her sleep following the mur*der of their mother, the youngster dialled 911.

The youngster was permitted to remain with his family on account of his age. The family, nevertheless, lodged “serious concerns” with the Milwaukee Police Department the day after.

The complaint states that the boy’s 26-year-old sister informed detectives that he has consistently experienced “rage issues” and is conversing with “five distinct imaginary people.”

A therapist had previously issued a “concerning diagnosis” for the boy, and the mother allegedly installed surveillance cameras inside the residence to monitor him, according to the complaint. The witness stated, “Someone unplugged these cameras two weeks prior to the woman’s mu*rder.”

The sister also disclosed to detectives that the boy accessed their mother’s Amazon account the morning following her de*ath and placed an order for an Oculus virtual reality headset.

The complaint claims that the boy “swung the puppy around until it howled and whined in agony” after allegedly grasping their puppy by the tail. According to reports, the incident occurred when the youngster was four years old.

Detectives were apprised by an aunt that subsequent to his mother’s demise, the boy never exhibited signs of sorrow or remorse. The complaint states that the 10-year-old allegedly informed his aunt that he was “actually aiming the gun at his mother.” The day following his mother’s de*ath, the son allegedly apologised to his aunt for her de*ath and inquired about the status of his Amazon order, according to the aunt.

During a second interview with detectives, the boy allegedly admitted to retrieving the weapon and stated that he was angry with her for waking him up early and preventing him from placing an Amazon order. As he attempted to “terrify” his mother by shooting the wall, his mother allegedly crossed in front of him. Furthermore, as stated in the complaint, he admitted to retrieving the keys to the gun lock box belonging to his mother the night before.

The family was characterised by neighbours as ordinary. Steve Frisch has resided in the vicinity of 87th and Hemlock for over two decades. The arrest of the 10-year-old by the police one week ago caused a disturbance in his otherwise tranquil neighbourhood.

Frisch stated, “I am always taken aback when a shooting occurs in this typically tranquil neighbourhood.””My family has just inquired about my health and other pertinent matters.”

Mayor Johnson remarked, “It is alarming whenever a juvenile of ten years or an adult commits a crime in the municipality.” “I hope that no one is injured. Regarding this case, I am currently in the process of learning more about it. This morning I obtained the specifics.”

The 10-year-old has been charged with reckless ho*micide in the first degree. He is subject to a maximum of sixty years in prison upon conviction.

His initial appearance in court was held on Friday, during which a $50,000 cash bond was established. On December 7, he will appear in court for a status hearing.

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