An elderly man named Frank Corti, who used to be a boxer, defended himself when a young burglar named Gregory McCalium broke into his house. McCalium, who was 23 years old, didn’t realize that his victim was an experienced retired boxer.

Corti, who is 72 years old, encountered the intruder in his hallway after McCalium had broken into his Oxford home early in the morning with a knife. Corti described the situation, saying, “He tried to attack me with the knife, but I managed to avoid it.”

Corti then pinned McCalium against the wall and asked him to drop the knife, but the intruder refused. Fearing for his safety, Corti called the police for help. He felt very scared during the encounter.

I released his wrists because I thought it was a life-or-death situation, Corti said. Fortunately, I caught him off guard, shifted into position, and struck him with my right hand.

When McCalium was startled, the knife dropped to the ground. Corti had to use his boxing skills to subdue the intruder after they both fell to the ground. He didn’t enjoy inflicting pain on him.

The two neighbors had an argument before this incident. The previous evening, McCalium hosted a rowdy party at his home, and Mr. Corti was forced to call the police due to the commotion. A short while later, McCalium entered Corti’s home.

McCalium committed aggravated burglary and as a result received a four and a half year prison term. The judge thought he received the penalty he deserved.

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