This father was so upset when he found out that his best friend had se*xually ab*used his daughter that he made his friend k*ill himself. After only six months in jail, the man was released.

A 35-year-old man named Vyacheslav (Slava) Matrosov was sent to jail for 18 months but was let out a year early.

Many people in Russia felt sorry for the father who made Oleg Sviridov, 32, dig his own grave in the forest after he ab*used children.

The paedophile died soon afterwards following a fight with Matrosov, who secretly buried his corpse in the unmarked grave.

Investigators found that Sviridov k*illed himself during the fight in the forest where Matrosov made it clear that he was angry about the se*x abus*e.

When she was six years old, Matrosov’s daughter was se*xually ab*used by Sviridov many times.

This father posted a picture of himself and his 35-year-old wife Natalya after getting out of jail early. The post said, “Home.” Love you a lot.

At first, Matrosov was being held on suspicion of mur*der, which caused a huge uproar in Russia.

The Krasnoglinsky Court in Samara found him guilty of “inciting” his friend “to suicide” in April and sent him to a strict Russian prison colony for 18 months.

The close friendship ended when the father found sickening and graphic video of Sviridov making his daughter do a s*ex act on him on his friend’s phone.

Someone heard the nine-year-old girl beg, “Oleg, that’s enough, I can’t take it any longer.” “I need to go home.”

For 15 years, Matrosov, who used to work in a rocket engine factory, could have been locked up for mu*rder.

Matrovov got a lot of support from people in the Samara region after he was linked to the mur*der of child molester Sviridov. The case was also talked about around the world.

People in the village of Pribrezhnaya raised money to pay for his first lawyer’s fees.

He should be found not guilty by a petition that 2,500 people signed.

They backed him because he “saved our children by getting rid of a child s*ex attacker.”

“All parents are standing up for the child molester’s k*iller,” Ksenia Sobchak, a famous TV host and former Russian presidential candidate, told her followers.

It is said that Miss Sobchak is Vladimir Putin’s “goddaughter.” She has now left the country because she could have been arrested and jailed in the latest crackdown on the Kremlin media.

Matrosov was accused of “threatening or ab*using someone to the point of suicide.”

According to people who know a lot about the case, Matrosov did not stab Sviridov in the forest where the body was later found in a makeshift grave.

Some say that Sviridov was given a choice: go to the police and say he ab*used the girl se*xually, or face the anger of the girl’s father.

A family member said that Sviridov was badly beaten on the day he went missing in September 2021, more than a week before his body was found in a makeshift grave near Vintai village.

It is thought that Sviridov abu*sed two more children.

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