The American Airlines flight attendant’s estranged sister-in-law is in disbelief over the mysterious de*ath that occurred earlier this week and claims that she grew distant after her husband’s passing. She was discovered gagged in a Philadelphia airport hotel.

Diana Ramos, 66, was discovered by cleaning staff at the Philadelphia Airport Marriott “unresponsive and with a cloth stuffed in her mouth” late Monday night, Philadelphia Police confirmed to The Post.

She was declared dead a few minutes after medics arrived after receiving a 911 call from a staff member at around 10:40 p.m.

Helen Alaniz told PEOPLE, “I’m shocked that something like this could’ve happened to her. It’s just incomprehensible because she seemed so nice.

Ramos was in Philadelphia for a layover after a flight from Los Angeles and had been employed by the airline for 25 years.

The flight attendant and her husband weren’t always close because of her job, according to Ramos’ sister Alaniz, but their distance widened after he passed away in 2021.

She claims that “they pretty much kept to themselves.” She wasn’t always available because of her schedule and flying.

Alaniz continued, “After my brother passed away, we never heard from her again. I would call her phone number and leave her a message in order to find out whether she planned to stay in the area or move elsewhere.

The fact that Ramos was supposed to leave her room on Friday, two days before she was discovered, has caused the hotel and airline to face some difficult questions.

Ramos’ crew was based in Los Angeles, which an unnamed American Airlines flight attendant revealed to People. “Everybody is still trying to figure out what happened and why her crew just left her,” the flight attendant said.

Alaniz claimed that Ramos passed away in the same month that her family remembers other deceased relatives.

She told the magazine, “I just don’t have any idea how that could’ve happened to her,” before adding that her brother, Raymond, and their parents had all passed away in September.

The autopsy of Ramos’ body was brought to the medical examiner’s office.

Ramos “suffered a sudden de*ath,” according to Chief Inspector Scott Small of NBC10, although the results of the autopsy are still pending.

Police added that there were no indications of a struggle or forced entry, and no weapons were discovered.

She was found to be taking multiple medications, which investigators and police confirmed after finding several sealed prescription bottles in the room.

The investigation into the “suspicious” de*ath is being handled by the Homicide Detectives Division of the Philadelphia Police Department.

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