Police have confirmed that skeletal remains discovered in bushland in Byron Bay belong to the missing woman Thea Liddle.

On July 15, the remains were discovered at a makeshift camp site along the north coast of New South Wales.

Since January, it has been reported that Ms. Liddle, 42, was not found in the Mooball region, situated between Byron Bay and Tweed Heads, where she was last seen in October.

Tweed and Byron Police district commander, superintendent Dave Roptell, said Ms Liddle’s death was currently under investigation. 

The positive identification of these remains provides Strike Force Holby detectives with encouraging news, but it has a profound emotional impact on Thea’s family and friends.

Although Thea’s remains can be laid to rest at this time, the circumstances surrounding her demise are still being investigated.

The remains have been identified following a police and rescue operation search of the area.

While sniffer dogs and rescue specialists were dispatched to scour Byron Bay bushland, police searched the homeless camps where she was believed to have resided in the months preceding her disappearance.

In the past, Superintendent Dave Roptell stated that Ms. Liddle had led a nomadic existence.

Thea led an extremely nomadic existence, frequently changing campsites and relocating to secluded areas of bushland away from the general public.

The identification of the remains comes after a police and rescue search of the area

A section of bushland surrounding the Youth Activity Centre in the vicinity of Byron Bay’s town center was among the locations that were visited.

As a component of their investigation into the disappearance of Belgian backpacker Theo Hayez, police conducted a search at this location.

On May 31, the 18-year-old, who was in Australia on a working holiday visa, visited the popular nightclub Cheeky Monkey’s in Byron Bay.

After being observed exiting the bar by CCTV, his subsequent whereabouts remain undisclosed.

His family in Europe did not become concerned until June 6, one week after he was last seen, as he failed to return to the hostel where he was residing.

In an effort to locate his son, his father, Laurent, flew to Australia to join other family members, police, and local volunteers.

Laurent stated upon his arrival, “When I left Belgium, I promised Lucas, Hayez’s younger brother, that I would bring his brother home. Could you kindly assist me in honoring my promise to Lucas?”

The Timeline of Theo Hayez Disappearance

Theo Hayez and an unidentified companion were captured on CCTV at a local bottle shop in Byron Bay at 7:45 p.m. on May 31.

At 11 p.m. on May 31: The final confirmed sighting of Hayez. His exit from the Cheeky Monkey’s bar was observed.

The final confirmed WhatsApp message was transmitted from Theo’s phone at 1 June AM.

The last time Theo’s phone pinged was at 1:42 pm on June 1.

Theo was reported missing to the local police on June 6th.

A major land, sea, and air search was conducted by the police in the Byron Bay region on June 9 with the aid of rescue officers, the State Emergency Service, a lifesaver helicopter, and other individuals in danger.

Locals and additional backpackers joined the search for Theo on June 10th.

SES crews, the dog squad, lifeguards, local volunteers, and police continued their search of the Byron Bay headlands, beaches, and swamps from June 10th to June 16th.

Theo’s mother, Vinciane Delforge, told a French broadcaster in Belgium on June 16 that she is still holding on to the hope that her son is okay, but that his disappearance is completely out of character.

Laurent Hayez, the father of Theo, travels to Byron Bay on June 17 to assist in the search for his son. He begs Australia to continue its search for his son with emotion and promises to remain in the nation until he is located.

He hopes WhatsApp will collaborate with law enforcement to decipher the last known messages sent by Theo. Such an accomplishment, according to him, could alter the trajectory of the investigation.

The police admit that the case continues to baffle them and that they are maintaining all lines of inquiry open.

Homicide investigators become involved in the pursuit of Theo.

The NSW Police declare the comprehensive search for the adolescent to have been halted on July 3; however, the investigation remains ongoing.

Theo’s heartbroken father returns home via air on July 12th.

Prominent forensic psychologist Tim Watson-Munro believes that Theo, along with two 20-year-old backpackers who vanished months earlier along the north coast of New South Wales, may have been the target of an unidentified serial killer on July 17th.

On July 18th, Theo’s parents disclose their optimism that he is in a commune and that they continue to believe he is alive.

A group of devoted Byron Bay residents have deployed cadaver dogs in August in an effort to locate Theo Hayez, a Belgian tourist who has gone missing.

In Arakwal National Park, the canines and their handlers explored bushland, which included Tallow Beach.

Theo’s father, Laurent Hayez, returns to Australia in September to further his pursuit of his son.

The police terminate their search for Theo on September 16 and refer the case to the coroner.

Theo’s family confirms on October 13 that a cap discovered in dense bushland near the location where the missing backpacker’s phone last ‘pinged’ belonged to him.

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