Two more criminals have been publicly hanged in Iran as children looked on and people took pictures.

Unrepentant, the smirking Majid Kavoosifar, 28, was led to the gallows and even manged a small wave to the crowd before his de*ath.

However his cousin Hossein Kavoosifar, 24, was in tears as he and his uncle were executed in front of the main offices of the judiciary in central Tehran.

After being surrounded by masked hangmen, the men’s hoods were taken off before they were hanged in front of a huge painting of the judge they had ki*lled.

People in the street and on house roofs chanted and took pictures with their phones. Some people laughed.

“God, please give me back my son,” cried the mother of one of the ki*llers.

Iranian authorities put the two men to de*ath for kil*ling a well-known judge, a police officer, and a bystander during a series of thefts and attacks.

The judge supervised several courts and specialized in vice cases.

Kavoosifar confessed after a three hour interrogation to mur*dering the judge as part of a personal vendetta, according to judicial officials quoted by state media.

A police officer and another man were kil*led, and three other people were hurt, during five separate armed robberies that he and his cousin admitted to.

After k*illing the judge, Kavoosifar ran away to the United Arab Emirates. He was caught there, though, and Interpol brought him back to Iran in May 2006.

State media said that Iran publicly hanged seven men in the second round of mass executions in ten days.

“These people were hanged on charges of rape, kidnapping, and robbery,” the sites of the state’s broadcasting companies said, citing a prosecutor who did not want to be named.

State media said that five of the men were hanged in the middle of Mashad, a town 620 miles northwest of Tehran, the capital.

The report said that the two other prisoners, both 24 years old, were hanged in a different part of Mashad, close to where they were accused of raping a woman in 2005.

In Tehran earlier in July, 12 criminals found guilty of similar charges were hanged.

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