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The Human Meat Project is an actual company that gets human bodies to be refined right into “human meat” for human usage.

In late 2022, we started obtaining questions regarding the credibility of a web site called the Human Meat Project, which professes to get the contribution of bodies and also body components to be butchered and also dispersed as food for human usage.

“By donating bodies for human consumption, we are taking action to solve overpopulation, which leads to climate change and the greenhouse effect caused by the mass farming of livestock animals in order to feed the world,” the site cases. “The practice of cannibalism is not uncommon in living beings. In both the animal kingdom and our human history, the consumption of one’s own species has existed.”

human meat donor card“Donor card” web page from the Human Meat Project site. (HumanMeatProject com)

Despite such cases, when we really checked out it we discovered that the site is a performance art task, not an actual experiment to see if cannibalism can conserve the globe. “This is purely a conceptual art project and will not be acted out in real life,” the website’s Terms and also Conditions web page states. In significance, the whole site is an art exhibit.

Real or otherwise, the principle has actually not discussed well with the general public. On social media sites we discovered video like the adhering to sharing shock and also scary at the proposition that “human meat” be generated for vast usage, whatever the altruistic validation:

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Sadly, we had the ability to locate no info whatsoever concerning the musician( s) behind the Human Meat Project, yet we connected using the site’s call kind and also will certainly upgrade this write-up if we discover more.


The Human Meat Project is similar to a 2001 web scam called, an artificial business site that advertised itself as “Your choice for quality human meats, and gourmet human meat products.”

manbeef human meat (ManBeef)


Human Meat Project 30 May 2021,

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