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Huawei Mate 50 Pro vs Pixel 7 Pro cameras

Robert Triggs/ Android Authority

Although primarily concentrated on its Chinese house market nowadays, Huawei has a brand-new launch for Western target markets in the front runner Mate 50Pro Pricing it at a substantial ₤ 1,199/ EUR1,199, Huawei still wants to take on Apple and also Samsung equipment, however you need to inspect the wider bundle at this degree as well.

As with all current Huawei launches, the lack of GMS and also Google application assistance remains to be an obstacle that the majority of customers will not wish to obstacle. While Huawei insurance claims the application scenario is ever-improving, the workaround continues to be rather troublesome and also still can not offer all the solutions or experiences Western target markets are utilized to.

In the previous number of years, a factor to forget this remaining concern has actually been Huawei’s best-in- course electronic camera experience. But with the Leica collaboration over, can Huawei still lead the mobile digital photography area?

What you require to understand about the Huawei Mate 50 Pro

Huawei Mate 50 Pro back angled

Robert Triggs/ Android Authority

As you would certainly anticipate from Huawei, the Mate 50 Pro is a well-appointed front runner mobile. Highlight attributes consist of an IP68 ranking, a multi-day 4,700 mAh battery, quick 66W wired and also 50W cordless charging, and also a dazzling 120Hz 6.74-inch OLED screen. The incorporation of ultra-secure, 3D depth-data-powered face unlock sees a return of a huge notch, though this days the looks rather.

There are some larger cautions below, though. Despite the incorporation of a giant Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chipset, there’s just 4G modem assistance onboard. So no 5G connection. EMUI 13 is based upon Android 12 (not Android 13, as you could anticipate), and also Huawei assures a progressively below-average two-year OS and also three-year protection upgrade promise.

Still, the phone’s emphasize, for me, is the layout. The Mate 50 Pro is lighter than competing phones like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, while the back Kunlun glass (which flaunts Switzerland’s SGS 5-star glass decrease resistance) really feels excellent in the hand and also is immune to finger prints. Not everybody will certainly enjoy the rounded screen, however the round, in proportion “Space Ring” electronic camera real estate remains to provide a special appearance. Huawei supplies 3 colorways: black, silver, and also orange (vegan natural leather).

But the genuine factor to remain to get a Huawei front runner is for the cams. Powered by a 50MP RYYB major sensing unit with 10-point f/1.4- f/4.0 variable aperture, 13MP f/2.2 ultrawide, 64MP f/3,5 3.5 x periscope electronic camera, 13MP f/2.4 selfie snapper, distance light sensing unit, and also laser autofocus, backed by Huawei’s Ximage software program, there’s lots to sink our teeth right into below.

Let’s take a better check out exactly how the phone’s electronic camera bundle does.

Huawei Mate 50 Pro electronic camera testimonial

Huawei Mate 50 Pro back lying down

Robert Triggs/ Android Authority

Let’s begin with a wide option of breaks caught with the Mate 50 Pro prior to diving right into a better check out some details situations.

In basic terms, the majority of digital photographers will certainly be really happy with the results listed below. Colors are punchy without diverting right into aggravating oversaturation, great information exist, and also the major electronic camera flies via HDR and also low-light settings uncreative. The mobile’s white equilibrium is additionally extraordinary, for the the majority of component.

One issue is that Huawei’s formulas can result in the strange underexposed and also desaturated picture, while information can tackle a refined appearance (most likely because of picture blend formulas) in some circumstances. Thankfully that’s not a truly typical event, and also it will not be a problem for the bulk of customers that never ever plant in.

In daytime, there’s a relative degree of information to Samsung’s front runner (Huawei in fact surpasses in reduced light). However, the compromise is fractionally sharper-looking darkness and also partially a lot more hostile denoise that develops an extra colored view a 100% plant. There’s not a great deal in it, however any kind of anticipations that Huawei is well in advance in the information video game no more stand up.

HDR and also reduced light

Turning to harder settings, the Mate 50 Pro hangs withthe best HDR abilities have actually long been just one of Huawei’s toughness, and also the phone stands well beside the mighty Google Pixel 7 Pro in this respect. In our initial examples, you’ll locate comparable emphasize conservation and also darkness information in between the 2. However, the Mate 50 Pro has a little a purple color in the leading left that appears like colorful aberration, which can be an outcome of lens distortion triggered by the broad f/1.4 aperture.

The 2nd picture, above, is additionally extremely comparable. I offer the Pixel 7 Pro the push on subjugating scene highlights. However, there’s a lot less darkness sound in the Mate 50 Pro’s image, perhaps in component many thanks to its one-of-a-kind RYYB sensing unit arrangement.

Turning the lights down reduced discloses regularly strong white equilibrium and also information capture. However, as we formerly observed, the Mate 50 Pro is a bit a lot more hostile in its handling than Samsung, which compromises reduced sound for sacrifices in information. Personally, I do not mind a little grain in my pictures if it results in much less disruptive honing.

Oddly, the Mate 50 Pro dials up the shade in reduced light. This can be in a quote to prevent the desaturation we typically see with very little lights. Compared to the Pixel 7 Pro over, the shade pop winds up looking a little bit way too much, in my point of view.

Compared to previous Huawei mobile phones, something has actually most definitely transformed in this location of handling. It can be to relocating formulas over from its in- home Kirin to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon system or to the loss of Leica’s collaboration. Either means, Huawei’s low-light pictures, and also information a lot more usually, aren’t fairly as tidy as I remember in previous designs.

Ultrawide and also macro

On paper, Huawei’s ultrawide electronic camera fits a lot more right into the framework than Samsung’s S22 Ultra 12mm, 120-degree lens. It’s in fact fractionally wider than the 13mm, 126-degree Google Pixel 7 Pro, making it among the larger cams on the market. See the instance listed below.

Usually, I would certainly be really reluctant regarding a video camera this broad. However, Huawei’s software program chain supplies well-founded picture adjustment, colorful aberration decrease, and also denoise. The degree of information conservation is a cut over contending front runner phones, although it’s still especially substandard to the major electronic camera. White equilibrium can additionally be a little bit hit-and-miss and also does not constantly match the major electronic camera.

The 100% edge plant over plainly reveals remarkable information and also shade capture, however there are still dead giveaways of distortion, just like the Pixel 7Pro Huawei tries to fix for typical purple haloing, however we can detect blue artefacts in their location. The Mate 50 Pro additionally tries to fix for its severe field of vision to create a “flatter” picture; the viewpoint is simply mediocre in its energy, a minimum of to me. It additionally has a ripple effect on macro digital photography.

Like basically all front runner phones, Huawei supplies you the choice of a maximized macro setting, mixing imaging from the major and also ultrawide cams. It functions well sufficient however leans a lot more on the ultrawide electronic camera than some contending phones, which can create a little strange point of views in some circumstances.

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Your choice below will truly rely on whether you prefer bokeh or sharp information in your macro shots. The Pixel 7 Pro does far better at the last, while the S22 Ultra supplies good bokeh. I locate the Mate 50 Pro’s viewpoint as well deformed below.

Huawei missed out on a technique to utilize the phone’s variable aperture for much enhanced macro abilities. You can toggle the aperture by hand in the devoted setting, and also this functions excellent to address the feared over-powering deepness of area impact instead of utilizing the key lens up close. However, it’s a discomfort to browse promptly. I prefer to that the automated macro setting managed it for you. Check out the shots listed below with the default f/1.4 aperture, f/4.0, and also auto-macro setups.

I would certainly claim the result’s quite specific below. Overall, Huawei’s ultrawide arrangement is far better than the majority of when it concerns suitable a lot more in your shot along with maintaining picture top quality to a greater criterion. However, I’m much less constrained by the severe field of vision and also macro abilities.

Hybrid zoom contrasted

Although it appears like the Huawei Mate 50 Pro electronic camera bundle has 4 lenses, there are in fact 3 and also a closeness light sensing unit. The 3rd electronic camera is a 3.5 x optical lens which, while an excellent choice for picture images, is a go back for long-range zoom fanatics contrasted to the Mate 40 Pro’s 5x optical zoom and also definitely not near to the Huawei P40 Pro Plus and also its 10x optical zoom abilities. But possibly Huawei can compose the void with its super-resolution zoom modern technology.

Broadly talking, zoom top quality is strong for medium-range shots. Colors and also information are great however not fairly well with the major lens. It’s a lot easier to detect indications of honing and also refining, as is regular for zoom cams. The solitary lens arrangement is restricted to regarding 5x practical optimum degree of zoom. By the time you strike 10x, picture top quality looks practically satisfactory at complete framework however definitely does not stand up on closer evaluation.

That definitely does not seem like Google’s and also Samsung’s best, so exactly how does the phone contrast to its competitors?

At 3.5 x, there’s not a great deal to compare any one of the 3 phones I ported around for this shootout. At 100%, information are sharper than the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s approximately equal electronic camera however not fairly as durable as the Pixel 7 Pro’s very res zoom– a minimum of in the facility of the framework; Google’s execution supplies bad information at the picture side. Also, Huawei’s shade option is far better than its competitors in the shot above, completely catching the cool, crisp appearance of a wintertime’s early morning.

Things are a bit a lot more intriguing at 10x. The Galaxy S22 Ultra leads in long-distance outside digital photography owing to its devoted 10x electronic camera. The Pixel 7 Pro isn’t much behind, and after that the Mate 50 Pro is a little behind that. However, look into the interior shot listed below.

With non-ideal lights, the Huawei Mate 50 Pro’s very res zoom modern technology shuts in on the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s periscope electronic camera. While Samsung still supplies a softer, a lot more practical picture that’s devoid of honing, Huawei’s completely software-based technique isn’t much behind in all when taking a look at the complete framework.

Overall, while Huawei has actually taken strides to exceed the competitors in the ultrawide division, the Mate 50 Pro’s zoom abilities trade impacts with however can not knock senseless the best in the service. While strong bent on regarding 5x, the phone does not fairly deal the exact same degree of information as the Pixel 7 Pro and also can not fairly equal the S22 Ultra at longer array.

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Portraits and also selfies

Huawei’s picture digital photography continues to be among the best in the service, providing excellent subject direct exposure and also well-founded bokeh side discovery in both outside and also poorly lit problems. The Mate 50 Pro additionally succeeds at maintaining practical complexion and also appearances without the oversharp or smeared information you’ll still typically locate on various other front runner mobile phones. The just downside is that Huawei relatively dials up the shade punch a little bit with picture setting made it possible for; that hoodie is red, not pink. Thankfully, the appearance isn’t self-important, however once again, it’s a little a variance from the a lot more practical technique we have actually seen from previous Huawei front runners.

Unfortunately, the picture top quality does not rollover to the selfie electronic camera. For beginners, the Mate 50 Pro sporting activities a needlessly broad field of vision that outcomes in really slim faces and also an altered viewpoint. You can chop the picture, however that does not address the issue. The front electronic camera additionally oversaturates shades a bit to include even more pop, yet battles for saturation and also information in reduced light. Huawei has actually plainly focused on team selfies over picture top quality.

Thankfully, bokeh side discovery is like its competitors. However, you need to switch over the electronic camera to 1x and also make it possible for the Circles impact prior to Huawei’s picture setting does anything obvious to the history. Even below, the blur impact isn’t fairly as pleasing as the light circles you’ll see from various other phones.

The profits: there are far better selfie snappers available. This is a pity due to the fact that the Mate 50 Pro’s picture digital photography is truly good.

Huawei Mate 50 Pro electronic camera testimonial: The decision

Huawei Mate 50 Pro EMUI 13 homescreen

Robert Triggs/ Android Authority

As anticipated, the Huawei Mate 50 Pro possesses a qualified electronic camera variety that’ll have you well covered no matter the topic. Versatility continues to be among the electronic camera bundle’s biggest toughness. It’s a cutting-edge item of set as well. Although the variable aperture controls can be a lot more straightforward, it is an effective device for taking higher control over the appearance of your images. I definitely wish a lot more mobile phones baby crib the concept in 2023.

That claimed, I have really high assumptions for Huawei’s electronic camera abilities, and also while primarily strong, there are most definitely some uncharacteristic downsides below. Hit- and-miss shades, middling zoom abilities, and also a frustrating selfie electronic camera take the beam off a configuration that’s regulating a costs front runner ₤ 1,199/ EUR1,199 price. While there’s still an excellent electronic camera bundle below, it’s tougher to suggest than previous designs, specifically when contrasted to the ever-improving competitors.

With Huawei’s major marketing factor having a hard time to stick out and also the continuous Google ecological community compromises, the Mate 50 Pro is a harder ask than originally prepared for. While Huawei digital photography fanatics might still locate sufficient to enjoy below, we would certainly guide the bulk of customers to the outstanding electronic camera and also much less jeopardizing software readily available from the Google Pixel 7, Samsung Galaxy S22, or perhaps Apple’s apple iphone 14 collection.

Huawei Mate 50 Pro

Huawei Mate 50 Pro

Wonderful layout • 3D face unlock • Flexible cams

The Mate 50 Pro remains to stand for the best of Huawei’s mobile modern technology

With a charming layout, versatile electronic camera bundle, quick billing, safe and secure 3D face unlock, and also top-class efficiency, there’s a lot of equipment to sink your teeth right into with the Huawei Mate 50 Pro.

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