Marcelino Carbajal’s life was short, and the woman who should have done anything to protect him tortured him. After testing positive for methamphetamine, Eleana Carbajal lost her rights to the baby. A short time later, the baby was given back to her. CPS never checked up on her after she gave the baby back.

The baby was left for hours at a time in a high chair. She didn’t feed the baby and wouldn’t let the other kids play with him. Marcelino never had a single toy in his short life.

On December 24, 2018, Elena went to the emergency room at Rideout Hospital. Marcelino didn’t say anything. A short time later, it was said that he was dead.

When baby Marcelino’s “carrier” left him alone for a few minutes, she told hospital staff that she was giving the baby a bath. She said that when she got back, the baby was face down in the water with toilet paper stuck in his mouth.

She told the police that she tried for four hours to give CPR and remove the toilet paper from the baby’s mouth, but failed. She said that while she was doing CPR on the baby, she might have broken its jaw. She took the child to the hospital after four hours.

She didn’t call for help. Doctors say the boy had been dead for at least four hours before he went to the emergency room. He also said that there was no proof that the boy had toilet paper in his mouth or throat. The autopsy report said that he had died of suffocation.

The report also said that his blood contained methamphetamine. The baby wasn’t getting enough food. Patches of his hair had been ripped out. From head to toe, the baby had burns from cigarettes and a curling iron. Two of the baby’s teeth had been knocked out by Eleana.

Carbajal was happy with ‘no contest’ to m*urder. Under a plea deal, the judge’s 12-year prison sentence was taken off the table if she did five years of probation. During this time, she can’t talk to any kids younger than 12 years old. On December 23, 2019, she was let out of prison on probation.CM

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