A teen intervened to protect his mother from an attack by her husband. The teen was fatally st*abbed by that man. This incident occurred in Austin, Minnesota in December 2020. At the time of the incident, five younger children were upstairs. They were unharmed, thanks to the young boy’s bravery against the man.

Teen Intervenes in Argument

On the morning of December 15, 2020, Jaime Vaca and his wife were arguing in their bedroom when one of the younger children informed the teen boy of what was going on. The teen, Julio Rodriquez, 15, kicked down the bedroom door after witnessing Vaca choke his mother. When the teen entered the room, Vaca stopped choking the woman.

Vaca then stab*bed the teen with a knife. He was discovered on the couch by police. He was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota, and died as a result of his injuries.

A sta*b wound to the woman’s neck was discovered outside the house. She was rushed to St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, where she underwent life-saving surgery.

Police Find Vaca Hiding in Bathroom

Vaca was discovered hiding in the bathroom, holding the knife. Officers used a stun gun on him after he refused to drop the knife. He was arrested and charged with second-degree mur*der and first-degree assault in Mower County District Court.

Vaca told officers that he went upstairs and kissed his other five children before committing suicide. Officers informed him that the teen died as a result of the sta*b wound, to which he responded, “I’m a mur*derer.”

Vaca Pleaded Not Guilty to Charges

Vaca entered a not guilty plea to the charges. His trial was set to start in August 2021. I haven’t been able to find any new information since this time. The Minnesota Department of Corrections Inmate Search returns no results for “Jaime Arquinmides Vaca.”

Domestic Violence

They don’t change, and the pain isn’t worth it to hold on to that hope. Neither are the dangers. We never see something like this coming until it is too late. My heart goes out to this mother. If you are in a relationship with an abu*sive person, get out.

If you are being abu*sed, remember:

  • You are not the source of the mistreatment.
  • You deserve to be loved and to be treated with dignity.
  • You are entitled to a secure and happy life.
  • Your children deserve a happy and safe life free of ab*use.
  • If you reach out, there are people who understand and can assist you.

There are numerous resources for abus*ed and battered women and men. It takes courage and strength to leave abu*sive situations. Leaving an abu*sive relationship can be as difficult as the healing process. The difficulties are well worth your sanity and freedom.

  • Never inform your abu*ser that you intend to leave.
  • Contact local domestic violence shelters.
  • Apply for emergency housing and other forms of government assistance, particularly if you have children.
  • Make a safety plan.
  • To learn more about an Order of Protection (OP) to protect you from a*buse, contact the court in your area.

Resources for Domestic Violen-ce

If you need help leaving an ab*usive relationship, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline toll-free at 1-800-799-7233.

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