A Texas mother has been arrested on charges that she shot and ki*lled the abusive boyfriend of her daughter during a fight in which the boyfriend yelled, “Just shoot me!”

Patricia Conlon, 49, went to the Dallas home of Joshua Troutte, 36, on Sunday after her daughter told her that she was ending their nearly two-year abusive relationship because he had been violent again, Fox 4 reported, citing police documents.

Troutte’s roommate told the police that he saw Conlon come into the house with a gun and start a fight, during which Troutte yelled, “Just shoot me!”

Then the roommate heard several gunshots, and Troutte was found dead in the bathroom, the unnamed roommate told the police.

The affidavit said that Conlon later told police that she only planned to hold Troutte at gunpoint until they came to arrest him for hitting her daughter in the eye with a phone.

She admitted to shooting and ki*lling Troutte, but she said she did it in self-defense because Troutte grabbed her arm and pulled her hair.

But the police argued against self-defense because Conlon tried to hold him at gunpoint and because “her actions involving the use of deadly force were not reasonable,” according to the affidavit.

She was taken into custody right after the shooting and charged with mur*der.

Troutte has a lengthy criminal history, the station reported, including a previous guilty plea for assault and family violence in 2018.

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