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The 8 Best Power-Ups for Trello Reporting and Dashboards

Trello is a simple, effective device for job administration that’s fit to all kind of tasks. But while the Kanban technique is terrific for obtaining up-to-speed on your tasks promptly, it’s not always they best for structure records. That’s why Trello reporting operations commonly include utilizing various other devices, duplicating and pasting information, and jumping back and forth in between several tabs. But there’s a far better means to do this: Trello Power-Ups

Here’s a checklist of several of the best Trello Power-Ups developed for reporting on your Trello boards in simply a couple of clicks.


A screenshot of Dashcards, a Trello reporting Power-Up.

Every dream you could report on your operate in Trello without actually leaving Trello? And possibly spread sheets and information visualization charts aren’t actually your point? Dashcards is an easy Trello reporting Power-Up that can track cards throughout a whole board based upon certain criteria. Want to track past due cards? Cards with a particular assignee? You can do all of it with this Power-Up

Burndown for Trello reporting

A screenshot of Burndown, a Trello reporting Power-Up.

A burndown graph enables job supervisors to track 3 vital points: what’s been done, what still requires to obtain done, and just how much time is left in their tasks. With this Power-Up for Trello reporting, you can construct burndown graphes without leaving Trello, utilizing the information that’s currently in your Trello boards.

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Kanban Analytics for Trello reporting

A screenshot of charts in Kanban Analytics, a Power-Up for Trello reporting.

With this Power-Up, you can utilize your Trello information to construct a host of various graphes and records, without additional applications or combinations needed. You can develop maturing graphes, circulation performance graphes, time break down graphes, and much more.

Time in List

Do you ever before desire you could see how much time a card has remained at a particular phase of your process without opening it? That’s specifically what this Power-Up does. No require to experience a loads remarks, utilize customized areas, or click with every card. Plus, you can also develop accumulation records that reveal your process’s grabs with time.

Dashboards by Screenful

A screenshot of Dashboards, a Trello reporting Power-Up.

Wish you could obtain effective dashboards from Trello without frequently leaping in between devices? Or even worse, duplicating and pasting information over and over? With the Dashboards Power-Up for Trello, you can develop vibrant dashboards from Trello information to obtain a bird’s- eye-view on every little thing that’s taking place in your Trello boards.

Time Tracking & & Reporting

With this Power-Up for Trello reporting, you can provide your group a fast, very easy means to track the moment they’re investing servicing certain jobs. Then, you can utilize that information to construct a time-tracking record and see where your group’s time is going.

Corello: graphes and dashboards for Trello reporting

Another Power-Up created to provide you all kind of graphes and dashboards for your Trello reporting demands, Corello attracts attention with its concentrate on offering Agile groups. If you’re utilizing Scrum or a comparable Agile structure, you’ll locate graphes created particularly for your procedures.

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Unito: Trello reporting and much more

The first step of using Unito's progress report template with Unito, a Trello reporting Power-Up.

Unito is a process administration system with deep, two-way combinations for several of the most effective software application devices on the marketplace. It’s additionally a collection of Trello Power-Ups you can utilize to construct automatic Trello records in devices like Google Sheets, Airtable, Microsoft Excel, and much more. With Unito, Trello cards can be become job products in various other devices– like spread sheet rows– and instantly upgraded from either device.

And when you have the ideal design template, you can make your operations also smoother.

Trello’s full-on 24-hour reporting

Trello reporting does not need to be made complex or include a lots of additional devices. With the right Power-Up, you can develop vibrant dashboards, stunning graphes, and also sync Trello information to the reporting device of your option. So select one that makes good sense, include it to your boards, and kiss the “copy-paste” command farewell.

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