This is the story of Kamonie Love Whiteside, a toddler who lived a short life filled with torture and pain at the hand of the one person in the world who should protect her -her mother.

  • Kamonie Love Whiteside, an 8-month-old girl, was beaten to d*eath by her mother.
  • She said the Kamonie was acting bad
  • Previously, infants’ ribs had been broken.
  • Shavone Whiteside sentenced to 20-years in prison

On August 1, 2016, paramedics responded to a 911 call reporting an unresponsive child from an Atlanta Microtel Inn. The paramedics’ team did not expect to find an 8-month-old baby beaten nearly to d*eath when they arrived, not knowing what to expect.

Wilson Dials 9-1-1

On the 911 call, Edward Fair Wilson tells the dispatcher that the infant started gurgling and he and her mother went into the room to check on her. Wilson stated that he noticed something white in the baby’s throat and used a suction-bulb syringe to suction it out. According to Wilson, the baby then stopped breathing, and Shavone attempted CPR while dialing 911.

Paramedics Find Baby Near De*ath

An overwhelming stench took paramedics’ breath away as they entered the room. They walked over trash that had accumulated from one end to the other. Two dogs are running around in the muck.

They discovered a baby on the bed, each arm out to her side. Her eyes were open, but she was motionless. Her skin was bruised and black and blue. Someone had clearly beaten the baby.

Kamonie Love Whitehead, the infant, was rushed to a nearby hospital by paramedics. Her ribs had previously been broken and were in the process of healing, according to medical personnel. Kamonie’s skull was also fractured. Nearly every inch of her body was covered in new and fresh bruises.

She was put on life support and died two weeks later, on August 13, 2016, from her injuries.

The de*ath was ruled a homicide by the Medical Examiner. Kamonie di*ed as a result of a traumatic brain injury.

Shavone Whiteside, Kamonie’s mother, and her boyfriend, Edward Fair Wilson, were taken to the station for questioning. Whiteside initially denied harming the infant, but later admitted spanking her with a belt because she was misbehaving.

Shavone Whitehead

Shavone pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter and accepted a plea bargain that sentenced her to 20 years in prison. Shavone is currently incarcerated at the Pulaski Correctional Facility. In 2031, she will be eligible for release.

Edward Fair

Wilson’s conviction is currently unavailable due to Georgia’s First Offender Law. A search for inmates at the Georgia Department of Corrections yields no results. According to court records, Fair filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2020. That case is still active.

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