Before Gabriel Kuhn, 12, met Daniel Petry, 16, it was just a fun way to escape real life and make new friends. But when they played together, it turned into a d*eath sentence.

Daniel had a history of violent outbursts that scared his parents so much that they sent the 16-year-old to see several psychiatrists in Brazil in the hopes that one of them could help him. Daniel wouldn’t talk to doctors because he hated them. He acted out during the sessions, and in the end, he stopped going.

Some people think he spent time in a psychiatric hospital after he stopped going to school, but those claims have never been proven.

Daniel played the game Tibia online for a lot of his free time. Daniel turned into the Tribia monster for hours at a time while he talked to other players online.

Daniel Meets Gabriel

A player named Gabriel was one of the people he met while playing games for hours on end. Gabriel lived close to Daniel, and the two quickly became close friends, or at least pretended to be.

The Tribia game was free to play and came with coins that could be used as money. From pets to characters, the coins could be used to buy anything in the game store.

Gabriel set up his own server so that he and Daniel could play. Gabriel asked Daniel one day if he could borrow some money to buy something in the game store. He needed 20,000 coins, which are about $1.75 USD. Gabriel agreed to give the coins back after a few days. Daniel agreed to lend the money.

Gabriel promised to pay back the coins on the due date. Daniel tried to play the game but was blocked from the server when he logged in.

Daneil Visits Gabriel at Home

Daniel was so mad that he decided to go see Gabriel at his house. When Daniel got to Gabriel’s front door, he already knew what he was going to do: ki*ll his “friend.”

Daniel came over to find Gabriel home by himself. Even though he owed Daniel money and kicked him off the game server, he had no idea how angry the teenager was. Gabriel let him in through the door and hoped that he could make things right with his friend.

As soon as Daniel walked into the apartment, he attacked Gabriel and beat the much younger and smaller boy before sodomizing him several times.

Daniel made fun of Gabriel after the attack and laughed at him while he lay on the floor bleeding and hurt. Then Gabriel was brave and said he would tell his mom what Daniel had done.

Daniel ripped the cord from Gabriel’s computer and began strangling him. Apparently, this turned him on because he se*xually assaulted Gabriel as he tightened the cord around his neck; tighter and tighter until he stopped moving.

Daniel Saws Gabriel’s Body in Half

Daniel tried to force Gabriel’s body into a crawlspace because he thought Gabriel was de*ad, but the entrance wasn’t wide enough. He thought that moving the body in pieces would be best, so he went inside and found a hacksaw. He then started cu*tting Gabriel’s torso up.

Gabriel was still living. His scr*eams of pain woke him up. Daniel was thrilled; he loved hearing Gabriel scr*eam and struggle. He kept cu*tting Gabriel’s body up with a saw while smiling through the scr*eams until Gabriel’s body was split in two.

He cu*t symbols of Tibia into Gabriel’s body and then tried to fit the two pieces together in the crawlspace. Daniel left his body lying in the hallway and ran away from home when it still didn’t fit. Later that same day, Gabriel’s brother found the horrible scene.

Daniel Confesses to Mu*rder

As soon as the police found out about their online fight, they questioned Daniel. Daniel told the police in horrible detail how he k*illed Gabriel and admitted that he did it. As he talked about what happened, he didn’t show any regret.

They asked Daniel if he was gay after he told them that he had se*x with Gabriel. He scr*eamed at the question and said he wasn’t gay.

Gabriel’s three years in a juvenile facility were unfair.

Daniel Petry was charged as a minor in Brazil and given a three-year sentence to spend time in a juvenile facility. In 2010, he was let out of the facility. Since Daniel was freed, not much is known about him. He might have changed his name.

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