John Eisenman

The police in Spokane, Washington, arrested John Eisenman on October 29, 2021, for k*illing Andrew Sorenson, who was dating his daughter. Eisenman says that he did it because the year before, Sorenson had sold his daughter to a s*ex trafficking ring in Seattle.

Andrew Sorensen went missing in November 2020, and no one knew where he was until October 22, 2021, when his body was found in an abandoned car in the 1800 block of East Everett Avenue.

The police said that the moldy car had a “bad smell.” Sorensen’s mouth was taped shut, and the body was tied together with zip ties. He had been stabbed because there were holes in his clothes. The police then talked to the car’s registered owner, Brenda Kross, who turned out to be Eisenman’s fiancee.

That’s when the authorities found out that John Eisenman and his fiancee had set out in October 2020 to find their daughter because they were worried that Sorensen had sold her into s*ex trafficking for $1,000. After getting Sorenson in his hands, Eisenman k*illed him and put his body in the car.

John Eisenman said that the first time his teenage daughter went missing, he “got information” that Andrew Sorensen was to blame. Eisenman and Kross were able to find and save his daughter after a long search. Then, a few weeks after that, Eisenman found Sorenson and k*illed him.

Then, it is said that John Eisenman told a neighbor that he had k*illed someone, which led to his arrest.

When police asked Eisenman about the car after they found it, he said at first that Kross’ green 1991 Honda Accord had been stolen and that he had nothing to do with it or the body inside.

Eisenman was taken into custody on October 29 after his neighbor told the police that he had admitted to the crime. Eisenman then told the police how Sorenson was killed, which was a very horrible story.

In October 2020, John Eisenman followed Andrew Sorensen to the Airway Heights neighborhood of Spokane and met him on the street. He then tied him up and took him away, after which he hit him over the head with a cinderblock and repeatedly stabbed him in the stomach.

“Eisenman drove the car to a remote area in North Spokane County and left it there with the body still inside,” police said.The car stayed there until October 2021, when someone else moved it and drove it to Spokane.

Amber Hellman, who lived nearby, found Sorensen’s body 10 days before the anniversary of the day he was reported missing. Hellman said that her boyfriend and his friend were so interested in the truck on October 22 that they couldn’t help but look inside.

“It was there for about three days,” she said. “They went to look at it because it had been there for a while, and when they did, they saw that the key was hanging.” They were just looking around when for some reason they decided to look in the trunk. “All I can hear is, ‘There’s a body.'”

Andrew Sorensen died, and Eisenman was eventually charged with first-degree mu*rder. Spokane County detention services set his bond at $1 million. In the meantime, a GoFundMe page has been set up to pay for John Eisenman’s legal fees. Many people have called him a “hero” for getting his daughter out of danger.

But Eisenman’s claims that Sorenson sold his daughter to a prostitute have not been backed up by any proof. There are no facts that back up Eisenman’s story. Around the time Sorenson died, it was also found that Eisenman was taking methamphetamine every day.

Nick Briggs, a police spokesman, said, “We can’t confirm that any of these claims are true.” Sorenson’s family said in a statement made soon after his body was found that their son did not sell Eisenman’s daughter into s*ex trafficking.

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