When Louis Zaharias left for work one November morning in 1987, little did he know that it would be the last time he saw his young kids, Christopher and Lisa Mae. His and his wife Susan’s marriage had ended a bit ago, and it eventually ended in her taking a drastic step and vanishing with their two toddlers. Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ refers to this case while talking about children abducted by their parents. Given the complicated details surrounding Christopher and Lisa’s disappearance, we did some digging. Here’s what we found!

What Really Happened to Christopher and Lisa Mae Zaharias?

Louis and Susan Zaharias gave birth to Christopher on March 25, 1984, and Lisa Mae Zaharias on August 18, 1986. At the time of their disappearance, the older Zaharias child was three years old, and his sister was fifteen months old. The family lived in Santa Ana, California. Susan and Louis had recently separated after experiencing serious marital strife for some time. According to reports, the former claimed that their separation was the reason behind his ex-wife’s alleged drug abuse and that it had seriously impacted their finances.

After what appeared to be a heated verbal altercation in the morning on November 20, 1987, Louis left the house for work. Subsequently, Susan is said to have pushed the mother of her ex-husband down the stairs and fled the house with Christopher and Lisa Mae. According to accounts, her grandmother Louise Hettinger and aunt Shirley Cann assisted her in creating and carrying out the plan and then drove her to the airport. Susan and the children were sent to live in Oklahoma with other relatives. Louis called the police as soon as he got home and discovered the children missing.

Are Christopher and Lisa Mae Zaharias Found or Missing?

Regretfully, Louise is still looking for Christopher and Lisa Mae Zaharias with the help of the police and other agencies. However, in the years that followed their disappearance, there were multiple sightings of them with Susan. According to a confirmed lead, the three left for Lake Elsinore, California, as soon as they were reported missing, and they later spent some time staying with a family in Pennsylvania. Furthermore, from December 1987 to December 1988, they were observed paying a visit to relatives in Detroit, Michigan.

Furthermore, a few witnesses even asserted that they had seen Susan and her children in Washington and New Jersey. Moreover, she was reported missing in Oklahoma and Michigan, and authorities surmise that she and the Zaharias siblings may be in northern California or Canada with different relatives. Remarkably, Texas-based private investigation company Klein Investigations and Consulting (KIC) has also discovered evidence suggesting that Susan and the children might have traveled to the state.

Furthermore, KIC thinks she is still in contact with family members who could have assisted her in hiding. Louis is determined to find Christopher and Lisa Mae and bring them home, even though most leads end in d*ead ends. He doesn’t give up. He has been searching every potential location linked to the disappearance with the help of law enforcement, private investigators, and legal advocates. It has been approximately 35 years since he last saw his children. Christopher’s sister is 36 years old, and he is probably 38 years old right now.

Where is Susan Zaharias Today?

On February 17, 1988, Susan Zaharias was the subject of a felony warrant for Crimes Against Persons following her escape with Christopher and Lisa Mae. Not only that, but according to official reports, she and the children were last seen driving a black 1986 Four Runner Toyota. She also has another arrest warrant against her for custodial interference.

A month-long billboard campaign for missing children was launched in 2017 by Clear Channel Outdoor Americas – Los Angeles and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC). This included Lisa Mae Zaharias and Christopher Zaharias, whose aging photos were put up around Southern California in exchange for any information from the public. Susan is wanted on two active warrants, making her a wanted person in multiple states. Law enforcement agencies are actively searching for her.

Louis, on the other hand, has contributed to the drafting of legislation that assists missing people and has assisted in the resolution of another case involving custodial children similar to his own. Sadly, he allegedly received unfair treatment from United Airlines in 2021, which resulted in injuries. He eventually filed a complaint against the company, requesting compensation. He fights for his children regardless of the situation and hopes to see them again soon.

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