She was last seen on December 4, 2022, at the My Way Lounge and Restaurant in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

The 27-year-old woman was last seen at My Way Lounge and Restaurant with an older man at 3:10 a.m. Since then, no one has seen her.

Her family said she was missing on December 12 after she hadn’t called them in a few days. Gretchen didn’t talk to her family every day, and it took them a few days to figure out that she hadn’t answered any of her friends’ calls, texts, or social media messages.

Fluming left her personal items, like her purse with her cell phone and credit cards inside, at one of the bars she went to that night. She didn’t come back to get them at any point.

A friend of Fleming’s, Jake Grim, said that Gretchen had been to several places that night, with The My Way Lounge being the last one. It was late, and all the bars in the area were pretty much shut down for the night.

She was last seen living with her grandmother in Vienna, West Virginia, and working at the H&M store in Grand Central Mall at the time of her disappearance. Her job had only been going for a few weeks, and she had just moved from North Carolina to live with her grandparents. Her friends say she is smart, loves fashion, travels a lot, and is a creative writer and musician.

Surveillance cameras outside the business caught Fleming and the older man leaving the bar and walking towards his car. The video didn’t show the two of them getting into his car.

Reports say that Fleming didn’t have her own car and that someone else drove her there.

The lounge, which is on Juliana Street and only two minutes from the riverfront, has added more security cameras to keep their customers safe since Fleming went missing.

The man was identified and questioned by police. His name had not been made public, but he was thought to be connected to the case. He turned out to be Preston Pierce, 55 years old. WTAP says that he used to go by the name Darrell Lott but legally changed it.

Lt. James Stalnaker of the Parkersburg Police Department told Fox News last month, “He is a person of interest in this investigation, and we know that she left with him.” We think that she went back with him to his house. He has said things that aren’t consistent.”

The police say Pierce and Fleming did not know each other before they met in the pub that night.

Lt. Stalnaker says Pierce admitted that Gretchen Fleming was in his car the night she went missing, but he still says she didn’t show up at his house that night. After that, he stopped talking to police fairly quickly.

The police were able to search his home, car, cell phone, and other electronics with a warrant, and pictures of his car were made public. The police are waiting for the results of a forensic examination of the possible evidence they found.

Reporters say Pierce has a background in law enforcement and has worked as a police officer for over ten years. He worked before for the Belington Police Department in Barbour County, Alabama. Pierce has not been charged with a crime at the time this article was written.

From early morning on December 4, 2022, until noon on December 5, 2022, police asked anyone who had video of a black Nissan Rogue in the Parkersburg area to come forward. The car is thought to belong to Preston Pierce, and several pictures have been made public to help identify it. A small OBX sticker is on the back of the car and a Darth Vader sticker is on one side. OBX is the name of a group of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina.

This page has pictures of the Nissan Rogue.

It was just recently said that investigators have asked Gretchen Fleming’s family for her dental records in case her body is found.

Recent finds of human remains in Ohio County near Sheller Lane in Elm Grove have led people who are following the case to think that the bodies belong to Gretchen Fleming.

In response to the rumours, Parkersburg Police said in a statement that there is currently no evidence to suggest that the remains belong to Ms. Fleming.

From $15,000 to $65,000, the reward for information about where Fleming is has been raised.

She has been missing since she was 27 years old. She will be 28 on the night before Christmas in 2022. She is 5’1″ tall, has brown eyes and hair, and weighs about 110 pounds.

Parkersburg Police Chief Matthew Board said, “People who have seen or heard suspicious activity or who think they know something that could help have not been afraid to reach out.” Also, detectives have been looking into these leads around the clock. There is a young woman that no one has seen, heard from, or talked to on social media. These kinds of things are very worrying”

If you know anything about this case, please call Lead Detective James Zimmerman at 304-424-1072 or 304-424-8444. After company hours.

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