Parker hasn’t been seen since November 17, 2011, when she dropped off her three-year-old twins at the home of their father, ex-fiance Dale Smith Jr. The condos are in Carter Glen, which is off of Goldenrod Road in southeast Orlando, Florida.

Her license plate number in Florida was AWGM26, and her car was a black 2007 Hummer HU3. A security camera caught her driving away after she arrived at the condo.

That day, Parker’s brother texted her at 4:26 p.m. and asked where she was. The answer was just “Waterford.” The Orlando neighborhood Waterford Lakes is a place to live. She usually sent long text messages, so her brother said it was strange for her to reply with just one word. He doesn’t think Parker sent the message herself.

The eleven-year-old son Parker had with someone else called her sister at 6:50 p.m. because he was worried that his mother hadn’t come home yet. She wasn’t at work at 7:30 p.m. for her bartending shift, and no one has seen or heard from her since.

At 8 p.m., her cell phone went off near Belle Isle on Oakridge Road, which is more than seven miles away from where she was last seen. That’s where the phone went off. The next day, her car was found at the Walden Palms Apartments in Orlando’s 4700 block of Walden Circle. The stickers had been taken off the windows. Along with this case summary, there is a picture of the car.

Parks’ cell phone was found in a lake near the Nela Bridge in Belle Isle three weeks after she went missing.

They had recorded an episode of the TV show The People’s Court in June 2011. They had a fight over an engagement ring worth $5,000. During a fight at a hotel, Parker threw the ring at him. It hit the floor nine stories below and got lost in the atrium of the hotel.

During the recording, she said that her relationship with Smith had been rocky and that he could be mean and angry, especially after drinking. Parker and Smith were told to split the cost of the ring by the judge. Parker was last seen on the same day that the episode aired.

Along with this case summary, there is a picture of Smith. He has been arrested before for marijuana and battery, and he was kicked out of the Marines for bad behavior. In 2009, Parker got a restraining order against him because she said he had hurt her physically and threatened to take their kids. After a month, the order was thrown out, and the couple got back together.

The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) asked to take Smith’s children away from him because he has a history of abusing women. This happened after Parker went missing. The judge said there was no reason to grant the DCF’s petition at an emergency hearing on November 30. The twins stayed with Smith. He hired a lawyer and refused to take a polygraph test in Parker’s case.

Parker’s family at first supported Smith, but later they spoke out against him in public, saying they thought he had something to do with her disappearance and that he wasn’t helping with the search. She went missing in March 2013 and was later found dead “as a direct and proximate result” of Smith’s “negligence.” They sued him for wrongful death.

The police have named him as the main and only suspect in her case, but he says he is not guilty.

The people who knew Parker say she was a hardworking mom who had three jobs to support her kids: she waited tables, did hair, and tanned people at home. They don’t think she would have left on her own and left her kids behind. Her case hasn’t been solved yet, and people think foul play happened.

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