Sebastian Tyrese Husted

Sebastian Tyrese Husted, 18, or “Ty” as he is affectionately known, was last seen on January 22 in Centerville, Iowa. He disappeared after carpooling to his job with a cowoker, and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.


18-year-old Sebastian Tyrese “Ty” Husted vanished in January of 2018.

He is the youngest of three brothers and sisters and grew up in Centerville, Iowa.

Just weeks before he vanished, Ty had started a new job power washing hog units for a local company and moved into his first apartment.

He was making adjustments to his life to make room for his unborn child. A few months after he vanished, in May, his son was born.


Since Ty didn’t have a driver’s license, he called his older sister Iesha on Sunday, January 21, 2018, and asked if she could go grocery shopping with him. She drove him to the store, then dropped him off at his apartment before heading home to wash his laundry.

He didn’t answer the door when she came back later that night, so she left his clothes there. She assumed he was sleeping because of the long hours he had been putting in at his new job.

On January 22, 2018, Ty rode with a coworker to a hog farm in Mercer County, Missouri, an hour’s drive south of Lineville, Iowa, for a power washing job. Ty had only known his coworker for a short time, but he happened to share an apartment complex with him.

Later, Ty’s boss confirmed that he had seen him that morning before they both went to the job site.

Ty started texting his brother Malcolm as soon as he got to the construction site, pleading with him to come get him. He complained that his coworker was acting strangely and had become aggressive towards him.

When his brother called back to ask for directions to the job site, Ty didn’t pick up the phone. No one ever heard from him again after this.

His family reported him missing to the Centerville Police Department two days after he went missing.

Since Ty was last seen in Mercer County, the case was transferred there from the Centerville Police Department.

Since Ty vanished, neither his credit cards nor his bank account have been used. He was last seen wearing his work uniform and holding a cell phone.

Ty’s coworker was taken in for questioning by the police, but he refused to provide any information about what had happened that day.

His family says they have tried to get in touch with the coworker many times, but he hasn’t answered.

Police were able to track Ty’s cell phone, and the last time it rang was near the hog farm in Mercer County, Missouri, on the day he went missing.

A few weeks after Ty went missing, police searched the hog farm and drained the ponds on the property, but there was no sign of Ty.

The authorities say they have followed 40 to 50 leads, but they haven’t found any proof of where Ty is.

Since Ty went missing, his family has gone to Mercer County and other nearby places several times to spread as much information as possible about him.


At the time of his disappearance Ty was making changes in his life preparing for fatherhood. His family does not believe he would leave on his own accord.

His case is classified as endangered missing and remains unsolved.

Investigating Agency

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Sebastian Tyrese Husted please contact the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office at (660) 748-3165, or the Centerville Police Department at 641-437-7100.

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